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5 simple ways to optimise your Magento 2 store post launch

Megan Knowles22/08/18

Creating a new eCommerce store is a detailed and lengthy process and when finished, can look like a shiny new Read more

SEO: Google Algorithm Updates Explained

Emily Benwell30/01/18

Updating your SEO strategy for 2018. What you need to know… If you intend on investing valuable time and money Read more

Online Problems and Solutions

Jen Chan18/05/17

As a small business (or with any business really) every potential issue should have a plan and solution to how Read more

Optimising Images for Search Engines

Jen Chan15/09/16

So, last week we discussed how to optimise your website’s SEO for Voice Search, and in keeping to a similar Read more

Optimising your businesses SEO for Voice Search

Jen Chan01/09/16

The way we search for things is changing quickly and it won’t be long till we are talking to our Read more

Up to Date: Keyword Optimisation


Did you see our blog a couple of weeks ago on out of date methods for keyword optimisation? Yes? Awesome. Read more

Out of Date: Keyword Optimisation


The old technique of keyword optimisation, where you would stuff your websites (plugging targeted words everywhere you could unnaturally to boost Read more

Get Popular! Reviews to Boost Local SEO


It’s very rare that someone will buy from a website without doing even the smallest amount of background research beforehand. Read more


Steve Flanagan31/07/14

If you have an ecommerce website and you want to be within the first few results on a google search, Read more

Can Google+ increase your websites visibility in SERPs?

Steve Flanagan29/01/13

Google+ has been around for a few years now (believe it or not) and has recently overtaken Twitter in the Read more