Hyva Themes revolutionize Magento websites, elevating performance and accelerating development processes. They enhance frontend speed, align with contemporary web technologies, and produce clean code, leading to swift page loads and streamlined development workflows.
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What is Hyva

Hyvä serves as a transformative tool for your Magento online store, offering a brand-new frontend meticulously built from the ground up using the Magento templating system.

It integrates familiar tools such as layout XML, blocks, view models, and phtml, while elegantly avoiding components like UI-components, Knockout, RequireJS, and less CSS. This distinctive approach not only streamlines development for Magento developers but also focuses on performance and reduced complexity, resulting in a faster webshop and significant time savings on customisations.

Choosing Hyvä stands as a commendable alternative to Single-Page-Applications (SPAs), presenting quicker website delivery with greater budget efficiency, all while utilising tools familiar to most.


- Updates included
- One-time Purchase
- 400+ compatible Plugins

Unprecedented levels of performance.

By significantly minimizing the amount of code transmitted to the user, maximum performance is achieved. Out of the box, Hyvä attains a flawless 100/100 score in Google PageSpeed and successfully meets Core Web Vitals on all metrics.
What was previously considered unattainable with Luma and exceptionally challenging with PWAs (or more precisely, Single Page Applications) is now readily achievable with Hyvä. Maintaining high performance demands effort, but with Hyvä, achieving perfect scores is within reach.

Enhanced performance translates to an improved user experience, elevated conversion rates, and heightened SEO rankings.

Built For Performance
+ Efficiency
A standard Magento theme loads over 200 JS/CSS resources (1,5 megabytes), Hyva loads only 2 JS/CSS resources (0,2 megabytes)

Enhanced UX

Hyvä enhances the user experience by providing quicker page load times, a seamless mobile experience, diminished layout shifts, improved interactivity, and heightened search engine visibility. Through user-centric optimisations, it ensures smoother browsing, minimising frustrations and amplifying engagement.


Hyvä fortifies the reliability of Magento stores by optimizing performance, streamlining code, ensuring seamless compatibility, conducting robust testing, and simplifying maintenance. This holistic approach guarantees a consistent and stable store performance, minimizing downtime or issues, and ensuring a dependable user experience.

Hyva Partner

By joining forces with us, Big Eye Deers, as your Hyvä partner, online store owners gain access to a team of certified experts and developers specializing in Hyvä. We offer efficient theme customization, performance optimization, and reliable support, ensuring that store owners can fully harness the potential of Hyvä for enhanced online stores.

Improved Load Times

Hyvä accelerates page load times by optimising code, minimising server requests, adopting modern web technologies, employing efficient caching strategies, and prioritizing mobile optimization. The focus is on delivering an exceptionally swift and responsive user experience.

Faster Development

Hyvä streamlines the development process with its pristine, modular codebase, developer-friendly methodologies, pre-built components, optimized workflows, and improved collaboration. Tailored specifically for Magento, it ensures compatibility and expedites the development timeline for quicker project delivery.

To Conclude

  • Hyvä focuses on maximizing performance by reducing code transmission to users and achieving impressive Google PageSpeed scores.
  • Its clean, modular codebase, developer-friendly practices, and pre-built components streamline development workflows, promoting collaboration.
  • Tailored for Magento, Hyvä ensures compatibility and expedites the development process, facilitating quicker project delivery.
  • Hyvä improves user experience through faster page load times, seamless mobile experience, reduced layout shifts, enhanced interactivity, and improved search engine visibility.
  • Collaborating with Big Eye Deers as a Hyvä partner provides online store owners access to a team of certified experts and developers, offering efficient theme customization, performance optimization, and reliable support for fully harnessing Hyvä's potential.

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