We have sifted through our analytics for 2015 and decided to put together a list of our most read articles of the year! Have a browse through the articles below and see the top tips and tricks from BED HQ.

#5 – Big Eye Deers at AwwwardsBCN

Last February, Zak and Steve ventured out to Barcelona for the Awwwards Conference in Barcelona. We love to keep up to date with the latest trends in Magento, web design and development. Zak did a recap of the top tips he had learnt at the conference. Take a look at the emerging trends in 2015 and see if any could benefit your site.

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#4 – Big Eye Deers in the South West

Last year was a big year for Big Eye Deers! We opened up a second office in Bude, offering up our wonderful web design and development services to Devon and Cornwall. We have been integrating ourselves into the local community and talking to local Cornwall and Devon businesses about our work and what we can offer them.

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#3 – Boys and their Toys: The ‘olloclip’

We got a new toy for the office. Steve bought an olloclip lens for his iPhone and out came the office antics. Our front end web developer, Ben, had his best side brought out and the team played up for a slow-mo camera…

#2 – Badge of Honour: Google Certified Shops

Well worth looking in to for your eCommerce website! If you can have a badge from Google that shows visitors you are Google Certified, you are sure to gain their trust far quicker. It’s still in its early days but well worth jumping onto the bandwagon now to start improving your UX and conversions and beat your competitors to it!

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#1 – Officially Trusted: Why Use TrustPilot?

In the top spot! We are huge fans of TrustPilot and the benefits our clients reap from it. As with Google Certified Shops, TrustPilot gives you an edge of visitors being able to instantly engage with others and see their opinions of you (held on an external source you can’t control too easily). This improves the UX for visitors and helps increase your conversions!

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There we have it! Just a small selection of the fantastic blogs we churn out here at BED HQ. Take a look here too at our most recent blogs with the most current tips for web design and development in 2016!

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  2. Optimise the appearance of your search results for top SEO results with structured data!
  3. How to: Adding a static block to your .phtml files in Magento.

By Steve

25 / 01 / 2016


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