Static blocks have to be one of my favourite features of Magento. They’re so simple yet so perfect for breaking down complex page layouts into easy to manage, user friendly chunks. Our clients love Magento’s static blocks too, they allow them to update lots of their site themselves in an easy to use, minimal risk, minimal stress way!

At Big Eye Deers we use static blocks extensively, especially on homepage templates which may contain lots of different areas and don’t generally follow the structure of inner site pages. The key to a good homepage is keeping the content fresh and up to date, static blocks allow our clients to do this as often as they like!

The best thing about all this is how easy it is to output a static block in a .phtml file. Although I use this code several times a day, for some reason it just won’t stick in my head so here it is just in case any one has the same mental block as me!


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If you do have any questions for us about your current site or an upcoming project, feel free to get in touch and we would be more than happy to help out! Head to our contact page for the details to get in touch with the team in either our Cardiff or Cornwall offices!

By Steve

16 / 12 / 2015


Magento is the leading solution for eCommerce, and we’re specialists. Magento is easy-to-use, completely customisable and endlessly scalable.

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