BED HQ has been a buzzing hive of activity for the past few months with some really exciting projects left, right and centre. A history of hard work has paid off for us deers as we can also proudly announce that we are now on the Recommended Agency Register!


So… what is RAR?

Around 6000 agencies are registered with RAR all having made the grade in a wide spectrum of marketing and advertising to make it on to the online directory. The Drum (the UK’s biggest marketing industry magazine and website) are responsible for RAR and have had it up and running since 2007 with over 5000 clients now using the service to find their perfect agency for the job!

RAR works in a way that you have to earn your badge, not just pay for it! Once having set up an online profile, clients are welcomed to provide a rating of your different services. These ratings are then totted up to see if overall you meet the grade… BED clients seem very satisfied, pushing us a good distance over the boundary well in to the recommended agency territory!

So… why does that matter?

Case studies always look fantastic on our site and we can tell you how fantastic our work is. Direct testimonials are a whole new level and being sourced through an independent third party helps show the legitimacy of these ratings.

It is also fantastic for us to know that our clients love and appreciate the work we do! This positive feedback keeps the deers motivated to keep smashing out project after project, happy client after happy client. To then be able to tell prospective clients this news is even better, stats behind the sell!


So… what did the clients say?

Glad you asked as we have had some cracking testimonials! Here’s a select few:

“BED are exceptionally professional, versatile, adaptive and easy to work with and we look forward to working with them again as our needs develop”

“Excellent visual portrayal and fresh vibrant layout design of website and its pages”

“The whole team at Big Eye Deers are excellent to work with and highly committed”

“BED have a fantastic, wide-ranging knowledge of the Magento platform. They confidently and expertly create customisations that not only improve the platform but dramatically improve the ease of use for customers and back end admins.”

Feel free to have a peep at our listing here and see how we rank! We love our clients here at BED so many thanks have to go out to our clients for providing us with such stellar ratings to get us RAR Recommended.

By Steve

13 / 04 / 2015


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