A rad site for surfers

When Double Overhead came to us, they were a new skate and surf brand with a passion for board sports and all that goes with it. They had a cool brand, they had plans for a shop, all that was missing was a stellar online presence.

Double Overhead

DOH launched their new store in McArthur Glen’s retail outlet back last year, What they needed next was a rad new Magento eCommerce store to give their surf loving customers another way to buy.

Luckily, Big Eye Deers were on hand to kick this brands online offering into touch, giving them an end product that could rival even the biggest skate and surf brands out there today.

Surfs up



Initially, while we were getting started on the stores wireframes, we put up a snazzy holding page to capture data. The page hinted at textures and colours that we’d later use in the designs, to give users a flavour of what to expect from the store prior to launch without giving too much away.


Swell Designs

We took a little while to nail down the exact UX of the site, as we wanted to ensure that users could access all areas quickly and easily without getting bogged down in laborious menus. This would be especially challenging when considering that some areas wouldn’t be a part of the main navigation.

We felt that the homepage should become a hub of activity and really focus on the boardsports lifestyle and DOHs offering to the community. Rather than being product led, which is typically what’s expected of similar retail outlets, we felt it should be more driven by it’s categories and more importantly other areas of interest such a webcam block to check the surf, DOH News and social blocks to encourage collaboration and conversation.

This was echoed through to the sites mega menus. Standard drop downs just wouldn’t cut it, we needed something that could offer users just that little bit extra. DOH can use this extra real estate to upsell and cross-sell and just generally promote news/product as they wish.

Flip Reverse

Once DOH had experienced the awesome power of Magento for the B2C side of their business, they soon came back to us to develop a store for their trade customers. The basic requirement for the frontend of the site was simple – a stripped back, restricted access version of the B2C site. The backend of the site, however, was another prospect and required full integration between Magento and DOH’s brand new inventory management system.

We handled the development of the ‘link’ module, working closely with Nimble (the makers of i2i) to map the inventory management software’s functionality and structure into Magento’s architecture. After a lot of long, coffee and donut fuelled meetings followed by some serious development we achieved a seamless interaction between the 2 systems. All in all DOH now has a fully functioning trade site which requires little interaction outside of their normal inventory management. Thanks to our ‘link’ module full customer management, product management, inventory syncing, pricing and tax structures, and order syncing are all handled automatically.


Stoked Client

When DOH first came to us they had one vision in mind. Today, they have two fully functional online stores fulfilling their core business objectives which we are thrilled to be involved with. Both sites work well across a range devices- Perfect for the on-the-go boardie!


Stellar Presence

“At Double Overhead, we aim to provide first class service, innovative products and a great deal of support to the growing boardsport and lifestyle industry. We are so pleased with the website that Big Eye Deers delivered for us, and grateful for their continued support, complimenting what we do 100%” – Josh at Double Overhead

We created a website dedicated to showcasing a service that is reflective of an entire industry, not only was our client passionate about it, but so were we. We wanted to ensure that both the guys at Double Overhead and subsequently visitors to their web store were left with a big smile and a lasting impression of their time spent on doubleoverhead.co.uk.