If you haven’t quite jumped on the bandwagon, in short, Pinterest is a fantastic social media platform that encourages users to add images from across the interest and create online mood boards for their topic of interest. It is great for users and businesses alike, it stands apart from other platforms as, rather than being focussed on your connections and people you know, it builds small communities with similar interests and passions to bring in and share new ideas.

Pinterest is fantastic for increasing referral traffic to your site. When a visitor is pinning images from your site or repining your images from other users, those pins will then be linked to that page automatically. People will happily click through pins they are… pinterested… in as they hope to find more relevant content. The more people pinning the site, the bigger reach you will have!

We love Pinterest here at BED because it means we can proudly share visuals from our client work and showcase our company brand and voice by showing people who we are behind the scenes! It is fantastic for visual companies to present and promote their work and create an online portfolio. Have a mooch through our pins here, always worth a follow to keep up-to-date with our latest and best work!

Want to get started? These simple tips to help get started on your online portfolio:

1. Make your own site pinnable

Include the ‘Pin it’ button with your shareable content whether that is images, product, blogs or pages of interest! This will then give the user the option to pin the chosen image from one of your pages to appear on one of their boards and then they’re forever just one click away from returning and, if on a public board, visible to others to click through also!

2. Market your brand board-by-board

Your profile will be a reflection of your company and branding style – keep user experience in mind, keep it clean and organised! Showcasing your products and services in a nicely organised manner will keep the interest of browsers and potential customers. Group your work in to simple categories, this helps segment your work to the prospective customers – they get the information they want with a load more relevant pieces for them to look through. We love updating our shenanigans board as it shows our company’s voice and personality.

3. Sociable Pinning

Interact with other users on the site – repin, comment and like their work. It’s great to see what the trends are in the market that are relevant to your work, not only does it help you progress your work but also helps you engage in sparking new ideas in your market! Seeing who is repining you also can help measure your own success. You even have the option of creating an open board that others can freely add their ideas to, this could even stretch to being part of a competition! (Beware of the minefield this could be and keep the board moderated!!)

4. Pin SEO

As with Google search engines, Pinterest also have their own algorithms to determine which pins are more valuable to the visitor! Make sure that the images you pin have a title, name and description that sticks to a content strategy and your keywords. The description can be seen as the meta description on Google, a snappy bit of text, full of keywords helping people find exactly what they are looking for and you!

Once you get started and get to grips with it all, we are sure you will love it as much as us! Stand by the standard rules of social media, keep it engaging and make sure it is all frequently updated and well populated (without flooding the screens of browsing visitors)!

By Steve

27 / 03 / 2015


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