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We partnered with Heinnie Haynes to reinvent their site to reflect their brand growth and continue to help them evolve by transforming the site's appearance, increase its functionality and heighten its one dimensional UX.


  • Strategy Design & UX
  • Bespoke Modules
  • Magento Development
  • Ongoing Support
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The Background

Heinnie Haynes is a Welsh based online retailer specialising in collectors knives, outdoor clothing and equipment geared up for any activity.

The Brief

To transform an outdated site, making it more solid and robust, improving functionality and UX to reflect their brand identity. Built through the Magento eCommerce platform.


  • Bespoke Functionality
  • Advance Faceting
  • Responsive across all devices
  • Extended Customer Registration
  • Easy social sharing
  • Autocomplete Search
  • Trustpilot Integration
  • Back in Stock Notifications
  • Custom Warehouse Integration
  • 360 degree product images
  • Blog

The Approach

A new eCommerce store built on Magento 1, designed to be responsive across all devices. Focusing on transforming a tired and outdated site to reflect their rapid company growth. We built a sleek Magento site that highlighted their products and customer service by stripping back and improving the functionality of their UX. This was achieved by introducing layered navigation to reduce long lists that used to dominate the page.

Design & UX

Heinnie Haynes have an amazing reputation, so our main focus was to clearly communicate their excellent customer service at every point of the customer journey. We decluttered the homepage to bring back user engagement and highlight the huge variety of stock Heinnie have. We ensured their vast catalog was easy to navigate, with advanced layered navigation, well structured main navigation and prominent search.

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Another obstacle to overcome was organising the comprehensive product data in an easy to digest way. We cleaned up, detailed specification tables, added product videos, product 360 images, image galleries, descriptions and made legal restrictions on certain items highly visible to the customer, so no question was left unanswered.

Heinnie Categories
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The build was based on improving the functionality of the site and making it fully responsive and optimised for any device. We developed an intelligent search engine with spell correct, auto-suggest, and ‘Did you mean?’ functionality, a bespoke stock and order synchronisation between Magento and Heinnie’s custom in-house systems. We maximised customer retention by allowing customers to subscribe to notifications when items come back in stock, abandoned carts also followed this as an incentivise for customers to come back and complete their orders. And we ensured full page caching to warrant performance on such a high traffic site.

"For many years, we had handled our web development in house, but as technology moved on, it moved us out of our comfort zone, and we needed an agency that was comfortable at working at the boundaries of what was new and do-able, and that’s where BED came in. They’re small enough to have a personal touch, to know and understand our business, but large enough to have a breadth of experience to tap into. We hired them for an initial build, but have kept them on a monthly development contract to help turn our bright ideas into Big Eye Deers…"

Olly Leonard Heinnie Haynes

Communicating Knowledge

Heinnie Haynes are innovators in their field and each staff member are extremely knowledgeable on the items they sell. We created a blog as a discussion platform for them to communicate this and become a leading authority in their industry.

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The Follow Up

Since the release of their Magento site, Heinnie Haynes now have ongoing maintenance and support with the BED team, making a continuous investment in their store. They have committed to making Iterative design updates to keep the site looking fresh and up to date. Continued to make performance improvements as technologies advance, moved from a separate mobile theme to fully responsive single theme optimised for all devices. And made Significant updates to their checkout user experience to drive even more conversions.


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