Making it Personal

Bathroom Supastore are a well established company in the bathroom products business who wanted to improve their online image. BED took on the project looking to improve the feel of the site for customers and firmly cement Bathrooms’ place up with and above its nationwide competitors.

Bathroom Supastore

Bathrooms came to BED with a very clear image of the website they were looking for. We worked with them to transform their old website from an impersonal experience to a friendly and approachable site. This improvement to user experience will ensure that customers stay on the site for longer and increase the likelihood of sales, referrals and a return visit for more!

We wanted to push the brand in a direction that made the customer feel the products presented were premium, lifestyle choices. The brief for the site was simple; it should shout luxury products, a high quality service and a brand you can trust.

The transformation ticked all of these boxes with simple design changes to the original branding to create a whole new atmosphere and experience for the customer. Move in to the mind of the deers now to see how we smashed the brief…

Colour Me Blue



Our team wanted to revamp the existing logo and colour scheme used by Bathrooms whilst keeping the original idea behind the recognised brand imagery standing. We gave it that BED magic touch to create the image Bathrooms really wanted to push to their customer base.


Keep it Clean, Keep it Flat

Friendly, approachable, luxury, premium and ultimately, a lifestyle choice. We wanted to extend this feel across the whole site. The use of purple throughout maintained luxury whilst associated icons throughout gave the friendly and approachable feel.

We designed the Bathroom facets to have interactive elements that were minimal and flat, this creates a modern design that reflects the clean feel of the whole site. Luminous colours from the palette are used to re-enforce the CTAs and really attract the eye of the customer. This ensures the site is easy to navigate, optimising the user experience.


Taps | Bathroom

Homely Homepage

Taps | Bathroom
Nothing kills quality like a poor user experience and a cluttered homepage.We divided the homepage using the icons to make it nice and easy to navigate, and reduces the clutter that comes with too much text! The purple and blue clearly elevate each section in to the users view.The grouped products are assembled in to a carousel to reduce the clutter and keep the page interactive. This gave the homepage and the customer a little more breathing space and direction when scrolling through the page.The sliders show the products in the setting of luxurious bathrooms, really pushing the lifestyle choice aspect of the brief. The call-to-action images at the bottom of the page keep the messages stylish and nicely professional, really highlighting the high quality service aspect of the site.

We wanted to tweak the content of the site to match in with the new look. The title messages throughout the site were amended to give Bathrooms a voice, taking the experience from impersonal product after product to a personal, quality customer service.

“The site displays and performs faultlessly across all major platforms without losing any of the additional functionality”
– Gethin BED

A word from our lead

By building a large number of custom elements into the Magento framework we were able to deliver a slick user experience for Bathrooms’ users

  • bathroomblock2
  • bathroomblock3
  • bathroomblock1

We love a happy client, here’s what Bathrooms had to say:

” We were all very pleased at their level of dedication. “

“We are very happy with the service Big Eye Deers have provided us. The team are easy to work with and all problems/queries are solved quickly, we also noticed they were working on the website late at night and we were all very pleased at their level of dedication. We have now taken up the support package with BED and the continued support has been excellent.”

Clive – CEO, Bathroom Supastore