It’s very rare that someone will buy from a website without doing even the smallest amount of background research beforehand. The majority of people will instantly look to see what others say about you, and see if you’re trustworthy enough to pass over their card details and get a good service.

Reviews are at the centre of the decision making process. Not only do they provide potential buyers with information on you, they can influence your search rankings and your search listing success. This all has a huge impact on how you perform when it comes to local SEO.

Results from Reviews

  • A nice big 4-5 star rating next to your search result will encourage more clicks.
  • The review stamp gives you a head start in proving your excellence to a potential customer without making them do the work to find out.
  • Businesses with high ratings are the top pick as the listing provides instantly comparable data with your neighbor search listings and your competitors!
  • You can talk the talk… but reviews from an external source (that you cannot censor) means transparency with the potential customer of your worthiness.
  • Search engines adore reviews as it’s easy ranking material with number/’traffic value’ of reviews being a potential factor of the ranking algorithms.

Google Business

Claim your company page on Google Business and start optimising the information here. All these pieces of information will show on a search of your business so helps with the performance of your listing.

You can update your business description and category, opening times and contact details. You can also include reviews in this section.

Managing Existing Reviews

Quick Google search of ‘[My Business Name]’ and ‘[My Business Name Reviews]’ will easily turn up any results already existing out there in the wide, wide web. Be sure to respond to any reviews on there to show appreciation (or apologise) and communicate with the customer as a nice personal touch.

You can ensure the company information is up to date on these sites and that the reviews are being monitored also. Search your competitors too to see what it is they’re doing!

Build Your Reviews

There are many methods of interacting with your customers and encouraging them to leave reviews. This could be by emailing them post-purchase or perhaps on social media.

It is beneficial for both your company and the customer to know how you’re performing, how you can improve and any solutions you can offer. It offers an extra level of excellent customer service that others can see you doing. People will keep a keen eye on these reviews and your direct interaction with the customers. The more you learn and improve, the better the reviews will get!

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By Steve

09 / 02 / 2016


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