Facebook’s green eyes for Snapchat

Written by Steve on January 3, 2013

As we take baby steps into 2013 and ease ourselves back into the drudgery of our everyday routines, it’s a little surprising to see news of big businesses unabashedly using copycat methods to get an advantage in the marketplace so soon in the year. Need I clarify who this social media giant is?

That’s right, you guessed it; it’s good old Facebook. Again.

Snapchat (Brainchild of Bobby Murphy, 24, and Evan Spiegel, 22) debuted in 2011, it  boasts trafficking over 30 million photos a day and its founders refuse to sell. Needless to say, it’s turned Facebook into a green-eyed monster… A green-eyed monster that’s decided; as it can’t acquire the app like it did Instagram, that its crack-pot team should just rip it off. Not a good idea Zuckerberg, tut. The apps are virtually one and the same, and seen as in Instagram is loosing it’s credibility after all the privacy who-ha, Snapchat, or something painfully similar, is obviously quite a desirable little app to have.

Enter, Poke. A self destructing photo sharing app released just before Christmas. Zuckerberg’s attempt to jump on the popularity of Snapchat may have come back to bite him in the bum. Facebook’s Poke has rapidly fallen down app charts, despite huge PR efforts, which revealed that Zuckerberg wrote the code for the app himself. Fool. Snapchat, On the other-hand  has maintained its spot near the top for its Android and iOS versions of the app.