Tomorrow, the Mayan Calender comes to an end… as does the world (apparently). Being a massive sceptic myself, I am willing to eat my hat should we all wake up dead (get it?). It’ll be just like any other end of the world date… we will all reluctantly climb out of bed and go about our daily business, very exciting stuff.

Am I missing the point though? If the world does end, should we be living out our last day to the max? Being with loved ones, heck even just having a laugh? Lets at least have a giggle today, aren’t we supposed to live everyday to the fullest anyway?! Well, forget the “fact” that tomorrow may actually never come…

Kick back and check out these pearler’s that have bought a smile to my face. Attracted to all that’s weird and quirky in the world of creativity these are certainly something you need to see, or even try before you die! 

Have you seen a photo series called Scotch Tape by photographer Wes Naman? Well, with the help of his assistant Joy Godfrey, they took a group of people and manipulated their faces using Scotch tape. This is something you can do this evening while wrapping your Christmas presents that no-one will receive as we’ll all be dead; but picture the scene, hilarity will ensue!tape-faces

If a tape face doesn’t float your boat then what about getting a good scream off your chest? Not only will you feel liberated and stress free for a moment but it’s fun, random and not something you would normally do, think of it as an ode to Kevin off of Home Alone!- Festive, no?


Check out the rest of the scream booth collection and the video here.

While I’m on the subject of screaming, here’s a dude that paints actual screams. No, seriously. Hey… here’s a thought, if we make it to Christmas day, what nicer gift could you give your mum? ‘Here, mumma I painted you my scream!’ – hmmmm, probably not a good look unless you want people to think your crazy!


Anywhooo, I hope my end-of-the-world ideas have left you a tad more excited about our time left (however short) on our sad little world, Good luck to you and Merry Christmas, I hope you make it!

By Steve

20 / 12 / 2012


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