Big Eye Deers was founded in 2006 and consists of a tight-knit team of talented web designers and developers based in Cardiff.

Our obsession with web design, magento ecommerce, digital media and emerging technology has been fuelled with an ever-increasing passion for watching our clients' businesses grow. We are well known for having decades of varied experience in professional web design, and many of our clients come to us for bespoke web development that can also provide them with a platform to sell their products online via custom ecommerce websites. We specialise in Magento ecommerce and using this platform, we've watched our clients grow from start-ups and establish themselves as market leaders.

We have an impressive portfolio ranging from solicitors, through to record companies, and our creative concepts are designed to set our clients apart from the competition using services that include; brand and strategy development, bespoke content management systems (CMS), fully integrated social media, print and digital marketing campaigns, ecommerce solutions, web design and development as well as Magento ecommerce.

We combine our technical expertise in professional web design with fresh perspectives as constantly varied web developers. We define, create, and communicate brands as experts in finding solutions and tailoring these to tight budgets, delivering optimal functionality.

We go one step further than other web design and digital agencies, we want to help your business and ecommerce website grow. Whether your a start-up or a global e-commerce store, We can guarantee an exemplary level of service and complete customer satisfaction throughout your time with us.


We invite our clients to Basecamp where we can communicate and share ideas as well as track our progress and send files to each other.


We track our time accurately using Harvest to make sure we deliver projects on time and more importantly to budget.


Mailchimp gives us flexible options to send newsletters or email campaigns to your subscribers with powerful analytics to track activity.

Google analytics

We track our clients visits and statistics to identify keyword and traffic trends. We then use this to inform online marketing campaigns and increase traffic.

Solr and MySql

We use solr search technology to provide our customers with lightening fast, Google-like search functionality. MySQL allows us to provide fast, reliable and cost effective database solutions.

PHP and CodeIgnighter

Codeigniter's PHP MVC framework allows us to create robust, dynamic and lightweight web solutions in a quick and portable way.

HTML5 and CSS3

Coupling HTML5 and CSS3 into our builds allow for semantic and portable websites as well as giving sites strong impact with added detail.


Adding jQuery to our sites adds another level of interactivity, allowing for extended functionality and accessibility to suit the site's needs.

We listen, we create

Whether you are looking for a business, marketing, brand, communications, digital or social media strategy, we can provide the support and guidance you need to help your business grow.

Magento E-Commerce stores

We use Magento as an open-source solution for online e-commerce sites. Powerful, feature-rich tools give merchants the power to create sites that are tailored to their unique business needs.