Now I’m a sucker for a sugary beverage – Full fat coke? Woof! (Yes, it’s a coke blog folks!)

I often reach for an instant can of fizzy tooth decay after a gruelling gym session; I’m not diabetic but I’m sure my blood sugar level crashes and I NEED the sugar and caffeine fix to stop myself keeling over… It was on one of those sweaty and slightly dizzy occasions, that I went into the nearest Tesco (…all roads lead to Tesco after all) and picked up the familiar bottle o’ sunshine. It wasn’t till I got home and found myself, that I noticed the bottle didn’t say coke on it, but my name, my very own name… well, actually it said Michael but close enough ey?



I think that Coke have really hit the nail on the head with this campaign. Everyone has a name and to play on that personalisation factor is a great marketing ploy. What other brand has been able to completely remove the brand name and not loose its identity? ITV can change the brands colours and retain its identity, but I don’t think it would work for them to remove the brand name and replace it with something else as successfully as Coke have. Cokes identity is iconic, the red background with white swooshey line and lettering is what people recognise- whether it says Coke or a name or a slogan or whatever; it’s instantly recognisable.

#ShareACoke is featured on the bottles to encourage us to share our finds with friends. If like me though, you need to make do with one of the 150 most popular names which is not your own, you can go online to and put your actual name on a virtual can! Now even people called Tipidego Jones can have their own personalised can! Coke you evil geniuses, you think of everything!

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By Steve

30 / 05 / 2013


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