Online Marketing Services in Cardiff & Cornwall

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By tracking our clients web statistics and traffic we identify keywords and trends to inform our online marketing campaigns to drive their web hits.

We offer a wide range of online marketing services, it is worth getting in touch to see what we could offer and what we think would be the best solutions for your website. Below are some of the services we offer:

Email Marketing

Mailchimp provides us with a flexible platform from which to send out newsletters and or email marketing campaigns to our clients' subscribers and mailing lists. This marketing strategy also boasts a powerful analytics suite to track and monitor activity.

Google AdWords

We offer a service in advising on, setting up and managing your PPC account. We can conduct keyword research to work out what will work best for your site and monitor the changes in the account to progressively improve the conversion rates.


Keeping the blog on your site ticking over with fresh, new, keyword rich content is key to driving users to your site and boosting SEO in the process. We can help set up, advise you on how to go about the blog or even write articles for you.

Search Engine Optimisation

We ensure all the sites we build and manage are fully optimised to give them the best chance of the top spots on the Google rankings. We encourage long lasting relationships with clients as sites need to be updated regularly to keep Google happy and keep up to date with the latest algorithms.

Social Media

We can advise and setup channels for you to use to help promote your site and blog content. We can help with extending the branding of your company across the pages and also with posting content for you.

Google Analytics

With every site we manage, we keep a close eye on Google Analytics to work out the success of the user experience. We use baseline analytics to compare with any changes we make to the site to track success. Our maintenance clients benefit from this as our proactive changes are based on the latest trends and the current user journey on the site.


If your business needs an online marketing solution to help boost brand visibilty, give Christina  a call. We'll arrange an informal meeting in either our Cardiff or Bude, Cornwall, office (let us know whichever is easiest) over coffee and cake and chat about your marketing strategy and what we could do to help.



Magento is the leading solution for eCommerce, and we’re specialists. Magento is easy-to-use, completely customisable and endlessly scalable.

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We offer custom web development services for any requirement. Manufacturing from scratch, we deliver a project entirely tailored to your needs.

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Working with brands nationally from our offices in Cardiff and Cornwall, our tenacious team of designers and developers deliver sophisticated results every time.

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