No, we don’t actually spend our days scrummaging against each other here at Big Eye Deers HQ- As fun as that sounds… can you imagine the six of us with our Big Eye Deer heads on, scrummaging- bonkers. Any whoooo, we like to work against the Scrum project management methodology where no cauliflower ears need ever be involved, thank goodness!


Scrum is a method born from Agile that allows ‘real time’ progress to inform how a project gets planned. Like Agile, this system allows us to be completely flexible to potential issues; we can spot them before a project has progressed too far and delicately alter our course so’s not to waste time and or budget looking for quick fit solutions.


Each part of a project is broken down into short ‘sprints’, and meetings follow each one to ensure we’re right on track (see what I did there?!), and, if we’re not, we can decide what needs to be done to get us there. The structure of Scrum, can be reassuring when we’re juggling multiple projects of various sizes- the sprints ensure we’re hitting each milestone of the project to get us closer to completion in a systematic way.


Lil’ team get togethers with obscene amounts of herbal tea and coffee help inform each Deer of a projects progress. Every single one of us could tell you where a project is at at any given time, heck we could do this even if we’re not involved with that particular project, and it’s all down to these catch ups (and the caffeine no doubt).

Client meetings also benefit from seeing the Scrums’ sprint breakdowns, It’s great to highlight progression and also to indicate what’s left to be done before completion. Using a system like Basecamp can give clients instant access to this info.


If anyone knows why this methodology is called Scrum I’d love to know! I reckon it’s because a scrum is a huddle of people working together to achieve the same end goal; and when we work collectively using this technique, we become a huddle of people a collaborating toward the same goal too, smashing through our obstacles like a rolling wall. GRRRRRRR!

By Steve

22 / 04 / 2013


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