If you’re a digital agency like us, or if your Joe Bloggs and own an e-commerce store; chances are you’ll either be providing analytical insight or looking for an easy way to get your hands on some sweet stats from the store.

We tend to use Magento for our e-commerce projects, its dashboard can tell merchants quickly about the most and least viewed /bought products, as well as what products make it to checkout level but then get abandoned (excuse my ignorance if other platforms do that too!). The point is, backend stats aren’t always enough. If you don’t use Magento/ other similar functioning platform, chances are you’ll have heard of Google Analytics and possibly already have an account- multiple accounts if your an agency.


Any who, a super-helpful customised GA report that we use for our clients, can tell us the time and day the site gets the most traffic and the most sales. This is especially helpful in planning effective marketing campaigns that are targeted and can drive users to make a purchase.

It’s important that once an e-commerce store goes live a strong strategy is in place to help continually drive traffic and encourage repeat visits to the store. There should be a period of hand holding either with the help of a digital agency or a marketing agency, both will be looking to analytics to inform the direction of campaigns. Online PR and traditional marketing methods work well to engage audiences, maintaining and even increasing conversion rates- this is ultimately what clients want, and Google Analytics reports can help this happen.

To add this customised report to one of your Google Analytics accounts, click here. Hope you find it as useful as our clients have :)

By Steve

19 / 04 / 2013


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