Speedy Plastics and Resins are a proud Cardiff based supplier of quality plastic and resin products to trade and consumer customers with a focus on brilliant service. Looking for a local web design company who could provide them with an e-commerce store with Amazon-like functionality, Speedy came to us. Take a look at what we did for them…


We used open-source platform Magento to build the e-commerce store which could give Speedy Plastics and Resins the look and feel of a big brand retail outlet pitched to a budget market.


To give Speedy the online customer service angle they required, we emphasized the businesses core values. Quality products at unbeatable prices or your money back.


Additional functions within Magento such as a wishlist, advanced search options and promotional offers were added to heighten the user experience that is now synonymous with online shopping. We want to give visitors everything they need to keep them engaged and more likely to purchase from the store as well as give them a reason to return in the future. The store has been made fully responsive so users can make their purchases wherever they are, whenever they want.


With usability and functionality at the forefront of the stores design, and a touch of Magento  magic, we have undoubtedly given Speedy an online store that has armed them to outshine and even overtake their competitors.

The Client is thrilled and we couldn’t be happier to have given Speedy a helping hand into the e-commerce market. We are certain they are going to thrive.

Take a look at the full Speedy store click here.

To read our case study on Speedy click here.

By Steve

18 / 04 / 2013


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