The UX field has been around for several years despite not being widely known as User Experience Design. 

We all know the business case for looking at a website/stores user experience (UX)- It can help make the service you provide easy to use, reduces project risk, cost, and time while improving, efficiency, effectiveness, and end user satisfaction.

While these are a perfectly rational reasons to employ an expert skilled in many areas of Cardiff web design; more and more professionals are calling themselves UX Designers, confusing businesses about what UX actually is and how crucial it can be to their success.

Good UX design covers psychology, graphic design, user research, communication design, usability, UI and much more, so can a junior level web designer really know enough of these areas to call him/herself a fully fledged UX designer?

It seems as though UX is becoming one of those words which, a bit like SEO has a diminished meaning; a person need little skill or knowledge to add the service to their CV and offer it to prospective clients – it shouldn’t be that easy. Until a person has done full-time UX work—not as a teeny tiny aspect of their job, but as their actual job—for at least two or three years, they should not be thought of as a professional.

User Experience Design is not jargon. It shouldn’t be used willy-nilly as another tick on a CV. It is the application of a very old concept to a very new medium.

By Steve

13 / 06 / 2013


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