Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) doesn’t need to be for just on-site content, you also need to consider social channels.

Recently we’ve covered the need for your business to have social media and what channels you should be using.

Social Media is a known factor in the search ranking algorithms, not so much in the number of followers, but the backlinks to your site with other people sharing your information. When people share your information it’s like a domino effect, with increased outreach to a new set of followers with each share.

Once people are sharing your content too, Google can crawl the social media sites and pick up that you’re being talked about and linked to! This information is then fed back to the search ranking machine and boosts you up the list a little bit more.

Tips to SEO Social Media

1. Build a good list of followers and make it in to a community. If you have people talking to you, about you and (especially) to others about you… this will help your ranking. This is when the crawling of social media pages comes in, Google will see you being talked about and linked to and judge this as you being valuable to the search user.

2. Publish content that people want to be sharing. The better the content, the more likely people will be to share and talk about the information. Write informative pieces, interesting news stories or go down the humorous route to get shared! Spammy or generic posts won’t interest your followers and it will easily be ignored.

3. Use review functions on social sites to get recommendations. Google will see that you are being reviewed highly on channels such as Google+ and Facebook Pages and boost you up the rankings for this.

4. Optimise meta data on your site so shared links are optimised. When you update the metadata on your pages, this allows social channels to pick up a snippet of text to show as a preview snippet of text for that page. This preview will help click through rate when you share these links on social media as people will be more inclined to read something when it has more of a pull in.

5. Add social sharing icons in to the articles on your site. Adding these icons in to the page will encourage sharing instantly and a nice amount of backlinks to your site! Making it as easy as clicking a button will increase the likelihood people will share an article once they have finished reading.

6. Optimise your Google+ listing. By making sure your details on Google+ are all filled in and up to date, this will help how your search result appears when people search locally.

7. Keep an eye on social media analytics to see how you’re doing. Using the analytics tools will show how much engagement each of your posts received. You can work out from here the best way to write your posts and the content that people like to click through to! Here you can refine your strategy and maximise the engagement with your social accounts.

8. Ensure your posts are searchable in the social media search engines. When you are writing your posts you need to make sure that, if people are searching for topics on the search engine themselves, that they can find your posts. Using keywords as hashtags will be the main focus for this but don’t overdo them in posts or it’ll look spammy!

Worth a Mention…

Email marketing can be a way to share your blogs to your mailing list and also directly link people to your social pages. Emails aren’t listed or scanned by the algorithms but the impact of a good campaign will do your rankings wonders.

If your campaign is sharing useful information, a great blog post or just generally promoting yourself, people may be more likely to link to you on social media. People love to share great content, so give them a supply and your name will be spread with it.

Check out our tips for a great campaign in our recent blog. More opens leads to clicks which leads to more traffic, more conversions and a better search ranking!

If you are interested in starting a email marketing campaign, why not give us a call and we can talk about the design and different opportunities for your business!

By Steve

28 / 08 / 2015


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