Why we techi’s HATE Comic Sans

Written by Steve on February 12, 2013

The two words that are enough to make any web designer want to stick pins in their eyes: Comic Sans. Surely you will agree it is the most terrible thing to have happened to the history of the typeface ever? But we still see it, standing jovially in its typographic clown suit virtually everywhere.

comic-sans-signI guess people like that of the above use the font because it takes the harshness out the request, it’s a silly typeface and can’t really be taken seriously.

Comic Sans opened to the door for the lay person to create their own leaflets and flyers and think they were brilliant. Obviously this isn’t a threat to the design industry but it is a threat to original design and individuality.

There is a case in the defence of the typeface which you can find below… But in the meantime, stop using Comic Sans, whenever we see it we die a little inside!