If you don’t know us yet, Hello! We’re Big Eye Deers, a hip, happening, off-the-wall Cardiff web design agency. We listen, we think and we create stunning visuals and kick-ass designs. Well, that and come up with some bucking incredible Deer puns!

We all know there’s a lot of things that can test the client/agency relationship. Having spent many years havin’ it large in the Cardiff web design scene, we’ve learnt that agencies can’t get away with missing deadlines, breaking promises, disagreeing on communication goals, or overselling services. And it’s bloody hard work to get that balance right, granted, but if it’s not perfect, say goodbye to your reputation bucko.

Here at Big Eye Deers HQ in little old Cardiff, web design is our life blood. We bend over backwards to make sure our results exceed expectations, not only to keep our clients happy, but to reflect our Deers capabilities and talents. We do everything we can to get it right and we wouldn’t want it any other way. So let’s get some things straight:

– It’s not Them vs. Us, this isn’t a high school drama. The client isn’t a scary figure of authority with a magical ‘sign off’ hammer who we love to hate. Just as we’re not a bunch of Cardiff web design-monkeys; repeat after Aretha; R-E-S-P-E-C-T, and it works both ways.

– Anyone can have a good idea, you don’t need to be labelled a ‘creative’, it ain’t called an ‘exchange of ideas’ for nothing ya know! If you’re someone who expects the agency to do all the work, then that’s cool too, but don’t be shocked when they come back with a 2 minute TV spot of a drumming Gorilla.

– An agency doesn’t have to be for life, but it’s not just for Christmas either. We’re not just building brands here, we’re building relationships. Hella cheesy but sooo true.

– We want our clients’ businesses to do well, not because we want it to reflect well on our work, but because we’re super nice people and want them to succeed.

– Annnnnnd finally (and most importantly) comic sans does nothing for a brand. It just doesn’t. Don’t use it, ever. I mean it.

Cardiff web design agency- Big Eye Deers – Customer Process

Your local Cardiff web design agency

This is our customer process, simple, pain free and pretty in pink, naturally. It’s about working together and moving forward. Whether that’s to a shiny new website, or a better brand, we realise it’s important for our clients (and us) to know exactly what’s expected from us at each step of the design process – and then go beyond it.

How does your business work? It would be great to hear some other methods/opinions on the process!

By Steve

29 / 07 / 2013


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