We hear it everywhere in the marketing world- ‘content is king, and context is queen’ – I’m not about to dispute this, but what if that wonderfully written text is so difficult to read, no one gets the chance to appreciate it, relate to it, form an opinion of it or even become persuaded by it? What if the typography is so garish it makes it’s readers want to pull their own eyeballs out rather than look at it for a moment longer? Epic fail.

If you are ever tempted to build your own website – stop, and have a word with yourself. There’s a reason you’re not a web designer/developer, so do us and yourself a favour and don’t, ok!

If you have the time to waste throwing together a website that is offensive to look at, I’ll bet your bottom dollar that you don’t know that typography is the most important design principle of web design. It’s crucial in making digestible, user friendly webpages that can welcome and retain new and returning visitors to the site.

Bad typography is everywhere

Different types of font can convey different feelings, and you need to make sure you pick the right one for your brand. If you are a corporate brand you don’t want to have a font like comic-sans on your website.

In addition, good typography can help keep visitors on your website. The right font should allow the reader to focus on the content – it should be clean and easy to read for the reader, they shouldn’t have to think about the type of font they are reading.

Whats more, typography is even more crucial if you make print versions of your digital content. At least with online content, if you spot an error or issue soon enough you can make a quick change and hope that millions of other people haven’t seen it yet! But with print and signage, once it’s out there you’ll have a job to recall thousands of flyers/ posters or newspapers once they’ve come off the press.

So, if you are thinking about building a new website yourself, unless you are a web-developer or designer, don’t! Instead, get in touch with a professional to help, they will know what is best, the types of fonts that work with which brands and so much more.

Why not check our case studies here to see how we have helped our clients with re-branding – typography and all!

If you do have any questions for us about your current site or an upcoming project, feel free to get in touch and we would be more than happy to help out! Head to our contact page for the details to get in touch with the team in either our Cardiff or Cornwall offices!

By Steve

12 / 05 / 2014


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