Who am I?
I’m Peter Mellett, Senior Developer at Big Eye Deers. I’m a family man with two boys, both under 5.
Programming has been both a hobby and profession for me for over ten years and I’ve learned my craft through a number of roles and open source contributions in addition to a healthy dose of curiosity.

What do I do?
My background is in web application development with a focus on SPAs and API-driven architecture. I enjoy variety in my work and look forward to new challenges as they occur. Any challenges you throw at us at Big Eye Deers I’ll be the one working out how to make that a reality.

Favourite Piece of work?
Last Mile Asset Management quotation system. Creating new features, adding automated regression testing, and enjoying good engagement from the project stakeholders means that as a team we can affect good quality change on the project which satisfies the business requirements and stakeholder confidence in the product.

Latest work?
Recently worked on a long project to update the core implementation of a quotation platform to reflect a new business model while managing a complex codebase with critical existing functionality. Approached in an iterative way we worked closely with the client to sign off each step and ensure that their business could continue seamlessly.
Writing code to automate migration of data between different eCommerce platforms with minimal manual data entry required. A focus on reusability and accuracy allows us to be confident in managing new websites for large existing stores and to migrate existing stores to other platforms if they are a better fit for the client’s needs.

What do you do for fun?
I’m keen on sport, both participating and watching and like to spend my evenings roughhousing with my crying toddlers. Ben beat me to it but I also have a dog, his name is Ted.

By Ben

30 / 11 / 2020


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