We recently added a customised Klevu powered search to the Griggs Magento store to give their customers a massively improved experience and razor-shape results. What is it that makes Klevu so powerful?
We’ve partnered with Klevu to bring you some of the key features you can benefit from by adding their search to your site. 

klevu intergration

Self Learning Search
This is where the A.I element really comes into play. Klevu is constantly learning and observing how your customers interact with the search function on your store. This information is then stored and allows for promotion of products that a customer has already interacted with.

Synonym Dictionary and Error Tolerance
We’ve all been there, searched for keywords in the hope that the site can read our minds and know what we actually want. With the Synonym Dictionary you can think like the customer and train Klevu equipping them with suggested products allowing the customer to be connected to what they wanted quicker…Genius! 

Had a typo and hit search too quickly? The Error Tolerance provides an enhanced keyword search index which can quickly identify errors and link to the correct product. The Autocomplete will also help customers identify the product before they’ve finished typing with it kicking in right from that first character. 

Klevu recently put together a case study with LSE retail, check out the improvements on their store:

“In brand new research from Klevu, the Ecommerce Discovery Index, we found that many retailers are underperforming on search visibility on their websites. 52% of retailers display the full search box on mobile, compared to 86% that display it on desktop devices. In addition, only 36% of retailers make it clear what shoppers can search for. If you have a good overall site search experience but want to drive more search queries and optimise further, we suggest doing the following: Firstly, increase the prominence of the search box in the header. Secondly, optimise the placeholder text to encourage more detailed queries.
Making the best possible discovery journey on your ecommerce website is not just beneficial for shoppers, it provides you with relevant high-intent data to personalise the rest of your website. Klevu’s AI and NLP-powered discovery suite includes on-site Smart Search, Smart Category Merchandising and Personalization enabling ecommerce websites personalise shopping experiences site-wide with data from search — real-time shopper intent. Klevu optimizes the ranking order of products site-wide, leveraging both machine learning and business rules.” –  Ian Scarr, Head of UK, Klevu

Want to see Klevu in full swing? Check out the Griggs Magento store we’ve been working on HERE,

By Ben

23 / 02 / 2021


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