There is no doubt that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having an unprecedented impact on individuals, businesses and the global economy (not cool). Whilst the future remains uncertain, it’s important that as businesses we adapt to the current climate and rethink our strategies. 

Here at Big Eye Deers, our priority is to help eCommerce businesses see through the hard times in which we are all facing. So, we thought we would share a list of some top tips and tricks that will help you drive your online sales during these times.

1. Introduce Promotions and Discount Codes

According to recent findings, many retailers are seeing a surge in their online sales. Introducing promotions and discount codes are a highly effective way to drive sales. Even more so, by having a time limit on these promotions will drive urgency and shoppers will more likely go through with the purchase without becoming distracted.

2. Reduce Shipping Costs 

Free shipping can be a really great marketing tool, whilst benefitting both the consumer and the retailer. Many eCommerce stores choose to offer free standard shipping to consumers, although, alternative options such as express delivery and chosen day delivery can be offered at a cost. Whilst we’re aware that offering free shipping is sometimes not feasible, we’ve compiled some tips that will help you cover shipping costs whilst driving sales.

  • Orders over a specific amount receive free delivery: This encourages consumers to add additional items to their shopping cart to receive something free (and everyone loves free delivery).
  • Buy two or more items for free delivery: Ecommerce sites can up-sell through the use of a free shipping campaign, therefore increasing average order value as well as conversion rates.
  • Offer free delivery for a  limited time period: Offering free shipping during a specific time frame is ideal for increasing sales, like offering promotions and discounts, offering free shipping for a limited period of time will encourage consumers to go through with their transactions.

3. Be Transparent about your Delivery Times 

During the last few weeks, we’ve made numerous changes to our client’s eCommerce sites. These changes have enabled our clients to become more transparent with their delivery times, as many are being affected due to the impact Coronavirus is having. Implementing something as simple as a banner can help instil consumer trust. Consumers are able to purchase items with confidence and are clear about how long delivery times will take, which makes them more likely to purchase products.

4. Extend your Returns Policy 

Due to Government restrictions, online retailers are beginning to extend their returns policies for consumers amid national lockdown. Some online retailers have extended their free returns policy by up to 365 days! Extending your returns policy offers consumers stability during these uncertain times. Giving the consumer plenty of time to return unwanted goods increases the likelihood of higher sales. 

5. Send Abandoned Cart E-mails

Abandoned cart emails are sent to consumers who have added products to their cart but have failed to go through with the transaction. It is estimated that 60-80% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the customer completes a sale. Recent figures suggest that sending Abandonded Cart E-mails can see an average of 34 times more orders per recipient – it’s very effective as a sales recovery tactic.

6. Monitor your eCommerce page speed

A little more technical here. It’s important to monitor how fast your eCommerce site’s pages load within different devices. Studies have found a direct relationship between the speed of a page and the number of conversions. So, by carrying out a simple page speed test across different devices will usually highlight opportunities to improve site speed, many of which can be fairly straight-forward to implement and will help increase forecasted sales.

Looking to increase eCommerce sales? Please, get in touch. We’d be more than happy to help!

By Gethin

Web Designer

08 / 04 / 2020


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