For many new e-commerce stores stepping into the world of digital, marketing can be costly, time consuming and often not as effective as first desired… But it needs to be done.

I’ve witnessed clients expressly turn down the option to have any marketing support for fear that they might as well be burning their money. Understandable, but how can you help potential customers find you if you don’t put it out there? Post live, a short term marketing strategy can at least generate awareness of the site, leading to ongoing organic and direct traffic.

Once a short marketing push has attracted your audience, your focus should change from getting more traffic, to getting the visitors you do have to spend more. Magento is the platform to help achieve that; by streamlining and personalising the shopping experience, it is really easy and inexpensive to drive up revenue and cash flow.

5 tips to increase AOV

1. Bundle products to make buying more than one thing easy.

Often seen on many big brand e-commerce stores as ‘Shop the Look’, bundle products take the hassle out of having to find matching items as they are all available with one click. It is an extremely affordable marketing method that really does play on the convenience factor of online shopping, I mean buying a whole outfit in one click? Amazing.


H & M’s snazzy version of ‘Shop the Look’ is their super cool ‘Dressing Room’ feature.

2. Up-Sell and Cross-Sell against products

We’d expect that people who visit your site do so with the intention of buying, this is a massive opportunity to suggest similar products that may interest them and inspire a bit of impulse clicking. Up-Sell different versions of the product and Cross-Sell items related to it, so if the customer is looking at a mobile, suggest chargers, covers and headphones to be used with it.

3. Reward loyal customers

Incentivise, incentivise, incentivise! Encourage visitors to spend, offer discounts, promo codes or free shipping when customers spend a certain amount. This will also keep them coming back to you to spend again.

4. Personalize the journey where possible

Amazon is the obvious choice for this one, my homepage is completely unique to my needs, interests and viewing habits. It suggests items that I might like and tells me whens there’s offers on that I may be interested in. This is personalisation to the T.


5. Returns made simple

This is a little change that can make a BIG difference. Making returns simple, hassle free and low risk will instil a huge sense of trust in the brand. If the returns process is difficult or expensive the customer is more likely to order to fewer items in order to minimise their return risk. Make this process simple and customers will by nature buy more as they know they can return items they are not happy with even though statistically speaking, the more people buy the more they keep.

By Steve

13 / 08 / 2013


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