Look at this facebook timeline, now back to yours, now back to this one. Sadly, it isn’t yours, but it could be.

I like to go on facebook. And by ‘go on facebook’ I mean use it to stalk people. It’s nice to get a sense of time passing on it; thanks to timeline no longer will I have to scrutinize hundreds of disorganised photos to reassure myself that I’m not the only one from my college class ageing terribly, hooray!

More importantly (if there is anything more important than high-school rivalries) is the opportunity it offers businesses to tell their story. I’m always excited to see what brands will make of new platforms in social media and digital technology and the facebook timeline change has been a good’un! It’s still early days but there have already been some great examples of timelines done right from the likes of Fanta, Burberry, and Red Bull to name a few. Here are the top 3 (in my opinion):

1. As well as improving man-smells, Old Spice has improved history! Who would have thought that it was originally co-created by an Australian Ninja Leopard?


Old spice stays true to their brand with insane statements such as a jet containing the manly fragrance in the fuel compartment breaking the sound barrier in ‘the best-smelling accomplishment on record’ in 1947.


As well as inventing television and being the main reason for the destruction of the Berlin Wall.


The page is worth a visit just for images and status updates though:


2. To Life, Love and Loot. It’s many things to me; a credo, a motto, a personal philosophy. Join my crew and raise a glass — things are about to get legendary.

Oo-arrr we love a good pirate story down south so this next brand has a special place in my heart, yo ho ho ho it’s Captain Morgan’s rum.

Posting a series of behind-the-scenes snippets and with the promise ‘Things are about to get legendary’ Captain Morgan’s timeline is a swashbuckling tale dating back to 1635! (the oldest date so far in brand timeline history). By following the Captain you can check out his escapades at Mardi Gras to the spotting of a whale in 1870.


It certainly is a pirates life and a bottle of rum!

Does anyone else think Captain Morgan looks like Viggo Mortensen?


3. Just because the branding is so brilliant I’d like to pick LIVESTRONG as my number 3 fav. Their simple element of the 3 yellow stripes connecting their cover and various dates and images along their timeline works really well and their story is presented in a simple way.


So, fear not businesses, if you’re the new kid on the block and your brand doesn’t have much history – make it up! And if you don’t have a lovable mascot, tell your customer’s stories – a good example of this is the Verizon page, asking their fans to upload photos and share stories using their products.

Love it or loathe it, facebook timeline is here to stay so let’s make the most of it!

By Steve

11 / 04 / 2012


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