Facebook timeline to undergo makeover

Written by Steve on January 9, 2013

Whenever Facebook announces a change to its layout, a public outcry is inevitable. People hate change and as addictive as Facebook is, any sort of shake up makes its abusers tetchy to say the least. Remember the first introduction of Timeline?  

Well, good old Facebook has decided to mix it up again with a new layout being trialled in New Zealand.This unnecessary change will see user’s Timelines brought back into one column. If it ain’t broke why try to fix it? According to Facebook, its redesign is meant to create a cleaner, easier to use profile with more emphasis on messages.

Have you also noticed the new scarily personalised status box? Instead of ‘What’s on your mind?’ or ‘Write something’ I now have stuff like ‘What’s happening, Michaela?’ ‘How’s it going, Michaela? ‘or ‘How are you feeling, Michaela?’ I don’t know if the personalised touch is a tad creepy or a stroke of genius. Needless to say this use of data to influence the way we experience things on the net isn’t a completely new concept; Google’s doing it and Amazon and Ebay have done it for while, I guess the only difference for Facebook is that it’s trying to take an even larger stab at making the network more personable.