Once you master the art of reading the psychology of your customers, you win half of the ecommerce game. In fact, the entire web design of an ecommerce site should be built with keeping in the mind human psychology. Ecommerce web design is something that draws the attention of your viewers. Sometimes, entrepreneurs who set up ecommerce websites do not pay extra attention to designing, they simply maintain a template, and dream of cash rolling in and sales rising. Well, if you are doing the same, you are doing it wrong. This mistake can make you regret wasting your time and for losing revenues.

You cannot afford those mistakes that can cost you thousands of dollars. To be in the safe zone, you should learn which design blunders can spoil your business. I am going to list 7 costly ecommerce website design mistakes you need to avoid. Check them out.

  1. Confusing Value Proposition

Have you ever reasoned out why people should choose your service or products when similar services are available at other ecommerce sites as well? Let me tell you the reason. Customers will choose you when you stand out of the crowd. To outshine your competitors, your web design should hit at a value proposition. Now you might be thinking which value proposition elements you should take into consideration. These elements are:

  • A brief but revealing and simple headline
  • A concise description explaining what makes your service better than others
  • High-quality images to offer your customers a glimpse of what they will get here
  • Attractive Discounts, free shipping offers etc

When you have a clear value proposition, interaction with your viewers will be direct and effective and this improved direct interaction will increase your ecommerce sales.

  1. Wrong Product Information

Your product description should reflect the exact product you are offering to your customers. An ecommerce site selling furniture, for instance, should describe their product through images as visual impression helps them understand whether this product will fit in their particular place or not. For this purpose, it is important to use high-quality images. Your images should capture the imagination of the customers. According to a study, people purchase a product when they can imagine the ownership of their desired product. The language used in your content should not be obscure. Keep it brief, simple, and easily understandable.

  1. Disorganized Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy plays a pivotal role in designing a website. A perfect visual hierarchy helps the users navigate the website better. You need to maintain this hierarchy through the choreography of content. To make it technically prominent, use all the accent colored texts on the elements which are supposed to be clicked by the users. An experienced web designer will use the base colored texts on those areas which are going to be less clicked by the users. Areas, to which you want to draw the attention of your users, must be made larger and highlighted.

  1. Lack of Reliability

Reliability is an important element that should be reflected in your web design. Most of the consumers get confused over whom to trust – which ecommerce site deserves their trust. In order to gain their trust, you need to structure the social proofs of your website properly. Elements that need your special attention include – customer testimonials, mention of significant press names, a journey of your company, etc.

  1.  No Mention of Policy

Do you have a visible guarantee on your website? No? Then, get one as soon as possible. A lack of visible guarantee will destroy your sales. Guarantee assures the customer that they are going to purchase standard items and their money will not be wasted. Even if they get a defective item, guarantee provides a sense of assurance that defective product will be replaced by your company. So, draft a clear policy on money return and include it in your website design plan. Your customers should find it visible on your site.

  1. Lack of payment Options

In the design of an ecommerce site, the customers should be allowed to pay via different payment methods such as Mastercard, Paypal Account, and Visa Card. Some websites allow payment only with Paypal account, but this is not user-friendly. What will those users who do not have a PayPal account do? Therefore, you should use more than one payment option.

  1. Unable to Order as a Guest:

Some ecommerce sites compel the users to create an account on their website. This is not the right way. An experienced ecommerce website design company will suggest you to give your users an option to choose whether they are interested in creating an account or want to place an order without an account.

A Final Overview

You cannot afford to skip testing your website before making it live. At some point, testing becomes an ongoing process. During the testing, you can easily notice unusual things that do not keep up with the “best practices” that are common amongst other websites. Once you become aware of the flaws in your website design, you can rectify them and it will help your site appear perfect before the customers.

Sometimes, we cannot forgive some mistakes that seem to be trivial, but they are not. The mistakes, mentioned above, are costly design blunders that can lead your business to its end. Do remember one thing: people, most of the time, judge a book by its cover. The same is true in the case of your business. Buyers will judge your business by its website design. You are allowed to avoid web design trends that come and go, but make sure your site appears up to date and well-designed.

Are you looking for more ecommerce website design tips? Keep your eyes on our blogs. Looking for a new website? Then why not give us a call and we can discuss your options!

By Ben

06 / 07 / 2017


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