When looking into designing and building a new eCommerce store, there are some aspects of the site that are absolutely critical to get right.

Focus in on the product page. You’ve been successful enough to get the user this far to see exactly what they could be buying. You need to grab their attention and make sure you are selling your product with great design and marketing strategies.

Product Information

Ensure this is always up to date or you will be selling the product under false pretences. The more detail the better for product information as users really like to research their online purchases before making the commitment. Keep it in a clean and comparable format such as a product information table that is consistent in structure and labels throughout the site.

Up-Sell, Down-Sell and Cross-Sell

Don’t overload the user but ensure that there are other options to catch their attention. Up-selling and cross-selling helps the customer compare similar products on your site and keeping their attention on buying from you. Cross-selling helps to just get those extra few sales at the last minute when you’ve caught the customer. Imagine those pesky shelves of sweets and DVDs by supermarket checkouts!

Offers and Discounts

With users doing their research online and with price comparison websites, you need to be competitive in your prices. Try to offer discounts across different products on the site occasionally to be the best price in the market. Don’t have a permanent offer or sale or the user will soon suss you out and lose the urgency to snap up the latest deal! Offers are great ways to grab the attention of users on social media and through email marketing.

Eye-Catching Imagery

If the product doesn’t sell itself through the images then it’s likely you won’t make the sale. Great quality images will catch the eye of the user as it will appear more attractive than a pixelated, fuzzy image. Having images with the product in context has also proven to increase sales as it helps the imagination of the user. The quality of images (and web design) reflect the quality of your service and products.

By Steve

03 / 08 / 2016


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