Tiles & Bathrooms

Guiding them through their move into Magento 2, we gave the Tiles and Bathrooms store a complete makeover to position them against their high-end competitors.


  • Rebranding
  • UX Mapping
  • Website Design
  • UI + Graphic Design
  • Bespoke Modules
  • Website Development
  • Hosting
Tiles and Bath Side

The Background

‘Big names at the best prices’ Tiles & Bathrooms are an online retailer who specialise in offering a dedicated service to their customers, providing the best selection of tiles, bathrooms, stone & accessories, at the most competitive prices.

The Brief

Building upon their established reputation, we were tasked with maturing the Tiles and Bathrooms brand to encapsulate a sense of calm and luxury, in designing a new UX on Magento 2.


  • Live Chat function
  • TrustPilot integration
  • Flooring calculator
  • Advanced searching
  • Finance module
  • Finance calculator

The Approach

In a saturated market with some influential competitors, Tiles and Bathrooms needed to offer their customers an unparalleled shopping experience. The main aim for the website was to be as user-friendly as possible, making sure the site was easy to navigate and products could be easily bundled together to give the customer a suite of their dreams in a few simple clicks.

Tiles and Bathrooms on iPad

Design and UX

To evoke that sense of allure, lifestyle imagery was used to create a desired effect for the products and positioning the four USP’s below the navigation menu, emanating trust and elevating the customer experience.

Tiles and Bath Bath
Tiles and Bath Bath Tiles and Bath Products

Intuitive Purchase

We customised the add to cart and pricing areas for Tiles and Bathrooms, allowing customers to enter specific square meter dimensions rather than having to work out how many boxes are needed and automatically converting to number of boxes, to display the correct price.

"Big Eye Deers are a knowledgeable and helpful bunch of people. They’ve done a fantastic job on our website redesign. Our shiny new site looks good, is much speedier and offers a great user experience for our customers!"

Karina Moubarak Head of Marketing at Marabese Ceramics

Reassurance at Every Step

With such strong competition, Tiles and Bathrooms have to set themselves apart from their competitors. We needed to make sure their strong customer service was being communicated. Using our own Trustpilot module we ensured a tight integration of both service and product reviews on the site, providing quality assurance to customers at every step of the purchase process (both customer service and product quality) Adding a page chat functionality backs this up, allowing customers to ask any questions and receive an immediate response.


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