Tiles and Bathrooms

Tiles and Bathrooms is a well established business with showrooms across South-East England, but their website was in need of an update. Big Eye Deers love a good website refresh, and when they mentioned Magento 2, Big Eye Deers took the project on with open arms.

Magento 2

Tiles and Bathrooms came to us originally to help integrate a Barclays finance module on their previous Magento 1.x store. As we did such an amazing job, they came to us again to talk about modernising and refreshing their website and upgrading from a Magento 1.x site to Magento 2.0.

We were excited to be working on our first Magento 2.0 website, and as Tiles and Bathrooms was a reputable brand, we had to make sure everything was on-point and worked seamlessly. This was a challenge we were more than happy to take on!

Lifestyle Brand

As Tiles and Bathrooms was looking for a complete website update, they were happy for us to make updates to all aspects of the online store, this included the brand’s colour palette and logo.

The product range at Tiles and Bathrooms was quite luxury and expensive, so we wanted to make sure that this was conveyed in the new website. As Tiles and Bathrooms was already established, we didn’t want to stray too far from the original branding - just make small tweaks to make it fit in with current trends and the luxury image they wanted.

We started the process with the colour palette. The brand colour was blue, which was a great colour to work with, and we were told not to introduce green. From this we decided to stick to the blues and added lavender and violet. The new colour palette was great for the brand as the colours harmonised well with each other and helped create a calm but luxury feel across the site.

Next we looked at the brand’s logo. The original logo mixed fonts style and weight, and include more colours, making it more fun but not necessarily luxury. We stuck to blues for the text and chose a deep navy blue for the icon. By cleaning it up, the logo stood out more and looked more on-brand.

Quality & Service

From landing on the homepage, Tiles and Bathrooms wanted to make sure their visitors knew they were competitive and had quality products to offer. We researched their main competitors and made sure the new website design was on the same level.

We added standard features throughout the website that were recognizable by users, such as search bar, account login and cart icons. For the navigation, we chose a deep blue against a white background to make it stand out. We chose a mega menu for Tiles and Bathrooms as it displays categories and subcategories, meaning everything is easier to navigate through making it better for UX.

We added top level CTAs under the navigation to promote Tiles and Bathrooms unique selling points and included lifestyle imagery throughout to inspire browsing click throughs. We also added hover actions over the CTAs for simple customer interaction.

We designed the homepage to focus on the products and services Tiles and Bathrooms had to offer and used CTAs to do so. With the CTA’s against a white background it put more focus on what they were advertising, giving them more attention to visitors, increasing click throughs and reducing the chance of them leaving.

We kept the grid layout throughout the website to keep it consistent, and also include CTAs in key locations, such as in the mega menu, above the footer and below the side menu. The CTAs helped instill other services and selling points, and were kept insight but not so to distract visitors from the product.

Added Functionality

In addition to designing the website so that customers’ journies flowed from start to finish, we also built in a number of functions that add to Tiles and Bathrooms services and give customers a better experience.

We integrated a chat function to the website to allow visitors to deal with customer services quickly and seamlessly. As Tiles and Bathrooms offer finance, we embedded a finance calculator, giving customers a quick view of what they could be paying.

Other functionalities we added to help with customer service include a flooring calculator, a “request free sample” form, large product images with an image flipper, advanced search module for precise search results and TrustPilot integration to help boost customer confidence and loyalty.

What our Developer had to say:

"Working with Magento 2 in a real world situation gave us a great opportunity to put months of training into practice. There were a few hurdles to overcome but the Magento 2 platform offers a modern and performance driven application that will allow our clients to stay at the forefront of the e-commerce industry."

- Zak Grindle, Technical Director

Happy Client

"Big Eye Deers are a knowledgeable and helpful bunch of people. They’ve done a fantastic job on our website re-design. Our shiny new site looks good, is much speedier and offers a great user experience for our customers!"
Karina - Tiles and Bathrooms Online