Changing the face of
an industry

Save Face were a start up when they came to BED. They needed a strong online presence to promote their cause- In an unregulated industry, consumers need to be empowered to make safe decisions, and practitioners need to be trained and qualified to carry out procedures.

Save Face

When Save Face put a tender out for their project, we hungrily went after it with both hands. The spec document was not only as long as my arm, but it was concise and detailed to the nth degree which is unusual for a project of small to medium size. We were able to clearly see what was required from the get go and put together an in-depth proposal and estimate for all the work highlighted.

Where it all started



Unlike normal pitch presentations, we went through a few stages of planning, scheduling and design; explored colour palettes, brand marks and even mocked up a site visual based on them before any contracts were signed. We felt that all this initial work would help the client visualise their site, even though the business concept was still in its infancy at this point.


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Happy Face

After a week of waiting for the client to deliberate on their received proposals, we won the work! Brett and Ashton, loved our initial suggestions – so our instruction was to continue along the same route that we’d originally put forward taking into consideration the scope of the work. This was a great relief as we’d committed a great deal of time into exploring the brand’s identity.

Once we had nailed down the final designs, we needed to be realistic about the date of the sites launch. With so much functionality that needed to be included, the likeness of the site being launched with all it’s bells and whistles within a few weeks was highly unlikely. Save Face needed to get the site live as soon as possible to start raising awareness and generating a buzz around their industry wide initiative.


We decided to launch the site initially with the view to promote the brands cause. It would introduce Save Face and allow them to start building up a database of interested practitioners who would be keen to support the cause.

Saving the face of an industry


Save Face want to position themselves as the consumer champion. By empowering the public to make informed decisions about non-surgical cosmetic treatments, the standard by which procedures are performed will be forced to improve.

Practitioners coming to Save Face would be encouraged to get accredited in order to set themselves apart from under qualified, untrained ‘cowboys’. This was by far the biggest functionality release for us- the prequalification process.

This chunk of the project was a mammoth task – given that Save Face were not from a technical background, it was a learning curve for them and us to get our thoughts, feedback and technical questions understood and answered. We’d held countless meetings and drawn millions of process flow diagrams to get the applications working as intended.


Practitioners needed to be able to save their part completed forms and jump back into them at anytime.

They needed a dashboard that held templates and documents to help them through each of the six stage process.

The system needed to be able to take payments.

Save Face admin team needed to be able to monitor all applications, check uploaded documents and edit application statuses.

Search for safer treatments

Once the application process was signed off we got it live. The next release would included a multi-faceted search engine based on the data we’d collected in the PQQ. This would allow the consumer the ability to browse through all of the Save Face accredited practitioners by location and rating to help them make a safe decision.

The search results would show:

  • Clinic & all associated practioner contact details
  • All procedures offered by each practitioner
  • Clinic Logo
  • Testimonials
  • Ratings
  • Training Certificates & Professional Associations

In order for the search to work to full effect, the database of Save Face accredited practitioners needed to cover a wide spread of the UK, so that the search results didn’t return blank pages.


A word from our Lead Developer

“produce a seamless experience for the user.”
Zak Grindle – Lead Developer

The Save Face project posed a real challenge from a technical perspective. The required functionality for the application process was incredibly complex. Delivering it on such a tight budget called for some clever use of existing plugins which we pulled together, extended and customised to produce a seamless experience for the user.

Thoughts from our Front End

I joined the Big Eye Deers team just as we were kicking off this project, it was great to jump right in at the deep end. Some of the ideas we’ve had to help the website evolve into a more polished, smarter version of itself, has helped teach me a lot about WordPress and its capabilities. As the frontend developer on this project, I was in charge of translating Gethin’s designs into the website build.

With lots of forms and lots of inputs comes lots of complications. For example, How do you make a checkbox list of 60 long winded treatments look good on both desktop and mobile, ensuring it’s user friendly?! It was a challenge to say the least.