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Tasked with creating a strong online presence to promote their cause, we worked with Save Face to build a website with powerful functionality and strong brand identity.


  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Custom Module Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Ongoing Support
save face logo

The Background

Save Face are a Government and NHS England endorsed register of accredited practitioners who provide non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Their main goal is to empower the public to make informed decisions about these kinds of treatments.

The Brief

To create an online register of Save Face accredited practitioners supplemented by an information hub to inform and educate the public on non surgical cosmetic treatments. To handle the practitioner registration and application process via the website and populate the searchable register.


  • Practitioners searchable by location
  • Treatment and consumer rating
  • Online application process - including payments
  • Feature rich CMS for creating engaging content
  • Flexible homepage layout
  • Admin form builder for data gathering
save face ux diagram
save face ux diagram save face ux diagram

The Approach

Using Wordpress as a base we developed a completely custom registration, payment and application process for practitioners. Application data is then published at the click of a button into a searchable profile in the register. A powerful search engine allows users to search for practitioners in their local area, enhanced further by treatment and rating facets.

We enhanced the already feature-rich Wordpress CMS with our own functionality to allow Save Face to create engaging content including information page, blog posts, online documents and video libraries.


In order to be successful the practitioner application process had to be carefully considered and thought through. We had to consider different types of practitioners applying and adjust many steps accordingly. Every stage of the process was carefully mapped in wireframes and user flow diagrams. These were communicated to the client, discussed, and iterated on until the final solution was realised.


Delivering a completely bespoke system on a tight budget required creative use of existing plugins where possible. The online registration and application process required complex forms with conditional fields, file uploading, supplemental information and admin editable data. Users also needed to be able to save a come back to partially filled out forms. To achieve this we used Ninja Forms and Woocommerce linked together with our own bespoke plugin. The search engine is powered by SearchWP, FacetWP and our own custom post types. Bespoke functionality populates our custom post type with data from Ninja Form submissions. For security and upgradability we only linked extensions via existing hooks, endpoints and APIs

Macbook mock up saveface
iphone mock up saveface

We broke the homepage down into a set of widgets to allow Save Face to add, remove and reorder any content on the page. We developed widgets to pull in blog posts, social feeds, create carousels, embed videos and many more.

We developed a variety of shortcodes and templates to provide engaging blocks of content such as accordions, tabs and video embeds. Save Face could add these to pages easily themselves via the CMS.

Save Face Logo


The Save Face logo needed to represent a clean, formal but friendly appearance due to the target market and industry. After several iterations of typeface and colour pallette combinations The most effective logo came in the form of using the typeface ‘Din’ a clean legible sans serif font, with a two tone palette of blue and green reflecting the shades of which are used in the medical industry. With a strong Ux inplace and Branding nailed down the site came together quite quickly in regards of aesthetics with great imagery provided alongside the branding and content we quickly had a great functioning site with the user in mind to provide great UX for the user to find the relevant information.

The Follow Up

Since launching in 2014 Save Face has become a nationally recognised register for safe non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Now accredited by numerous government bodies such as NHS England they have featured on ITV news and BBC Watchdog.

We continue to evolve the site through our maintenance and support package, making design changes and implementing new functionality. The continued investment ensures Save Face have a solid platform for their service.


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