A Fitness Website for LESS

CrossFit Hayle is a brand new CrossFit box based in West Cornwall. As a new fitness company, they wanted to make sure their branding and website made a big impact.

Crossfit Hayle

At Big Eye Deers, we love working with start-ups. The excitement of a brand new business usually means starting from scratch, which really gets our creative juices flowing! We also love CrossFit (well at least one of us!). So, when Ted and Kayley approached us to make a website for a brand new CrossFit box in Cornwall, we didn’t hesitate to get the ball rolling!

As CrossFit is all about high intensity, we wanted to make sure the website matched and made a big impact, while being as cost effective as possible and staying within budget.

“We were drawn to Big Eye Deers as soon as we saw some of their past projects and we couldn't have chosen a better company to provide the branding and website for our new CrossFit box. From the initial phone call Steve was enthusiastic about our business and the branding we could create and it only went from strength to strength throughout the process. Throughout the design process for the logo and branding we were given plenty of ideas and whenever we weren't sure the guys would always know how to make it how we wanted."

Warming Up

CrossFit Hayle was a brand new business when they approached us, so we had the opportunity to help create their logo and branding from scratch. They wanted a bold but quirky logo and brand so that they stood out.

After researching different CrossFit competitors, we put together a concept board of logos we felt were a bit quirky but still represented strength. From the initial concept board we were able to gauge an idea from CrossFit Hayle about what style and image they were after.

For the final logo we used an image of a lion holding a barbell. This was perfect as it encompassed everything CrossFit Hayle were looking for. The lion represented strength and community, and the barbell represented the olympic lifting elements of CrossFit.

  • HEX: #DC143C

    RGB: 220, 20, 60

    CMYK: 0, 91, 73, 14

    Pantone Solid Coated 199c

  • HEX: #E2E2E2

    RGB: 227, 227, 227

    CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 11

    Pantone Solid Coated Cool Grey

  • HEX: #3C3C3B

    RGB: 60, 60, 59

    CMYK: 0, 0, 2, 76

    Pantone Solid Coated Black 7 C

For the colours, we wanted a bold and strong palette. We decided that a combination of red and black would work well to symbolise energy and power within the brand identity created. Picking a brighter red gave the palette and added boldness and contrast against the dark greys and blacks used within the overall site design and imagery.

The aim was to create a memorable and engaging user-experience that would stand out in the fitness community. The outcome has worked a treat, with threads of the red and black used throughout the gym to give added continuity to the CrossFit Hayle brand.

LESS get started

As a start-up company, CrossFit Hayle had a limited budget to work with. So we had to make sure we could meet all of CrossFit Hayle’s requirements while keeping in budget.

WordPress was the perfect platform for CrossFit Hayle. An added bonus with WordPress is how incredibly easy it is to update content in the backend. This meant CrossFit Hayle could update the WODs (workout of the day) or other content themselves with ease, without spending extra for us to implement. For a start-up this was ideal.

We utilised LESS, a CSS preprocessor, in the frontend build to improve the code structure and reduce development time

As CrossFit Hayle wanted visitors to be able to join the box and view the timetable on the website, we had to integrate TeamUp. As WordPress is highly customisable, we were able to seamlessly integrate the application within the website.

A word from Ben Sheppard

"Crossfit Hayle was a great little site to create. I was able to experiment with flexbox and visual height as a unit of measurement to create a fluid and flexible layout for the entire site.

Ted and Kayley were a pleasure to work with throughout the entire project and I look forward to working with them again in the future."

A word from our Client

“We can't recommend Steve and his team at Big Eye Deers enough...”

“Since the business went live and the branding has become public we've had incredible feedback and people already recognise our logo as ours when the see our clothing around! We can't recommend Steve and his team at Big Eye Deers enough...we wouldn't go anywhere else and they even made the effort to one for a workout on our opening day!! Massive thank you to the whole team, you've made our ideas and business come to life and given us an online presence that is going from strength to strength....Thanks guys!'”

- Ted Mulhearn, CrossFit Hayle