Making connections in digital

We created a fully bespoke web application, digitising and streamlining a core part Energetics’ business process.


Energetics is a national connections company working for many of the UK’s leading housebuilders, construction firms and independent consulting companies. Established in 2006, Energetics provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ service for multi utility design, build and connection.

The Brief

To design and develop a secure and user-friendly portal to replace an existing paper based system. The portal had to allow registered and approved users the ability to obtain automatic estimates based on inputting key information on site size, plots and utilities required. Each project had to be tracked from quotation through to completion and adoption.

The Approach

Using Laravel as the base framework we designed and built a completely bespoke web application. With a strong focus on abstracting underlying complexities from the user we aimed to create an intuitive and easy to use system.

System Panning

Having a full understanding of Energetics’ existing business process was essential in ensuring a successful project outcome. Following many weeks of meetings, workshops and we documented and storyboarded the entire system and gained an in depth knowledge of the calculation models that would underpin the first phase of the build.

Design and UX

Project success depended on the solution being easy to use, even for the most technophobic users. This was achieved by breaking down the entire front end into a small number of UI components. These simple components are used repetitively throughout the interface and combined together to create more complex interactions. The use of repetition and consistent design quickly promotes familiarity and confidence in the user.


We employed a very strict build process to ensure that each distinct area of functionality was self contained while also promoting code reuse. This resulted in an application that is both robust and easy to extend when required. A considerable amount of time was also invested in testing the calculation models to ensure they were 100% accurate when compared to the original system.

Follow Up

Since initial release we have continued to support Energetics in adopting the new system. Phase 1 the portal has continued to grow and evolve in order to adapt to changes within Energetics as well the wider industry. The second phase of functionality is also well underway and will improve Energetics’ business even further.