Bearmach is a great example of a well-established company wanting to enter the e-commerce world and compete against other big online retailers. We worked closely with the team at Bearmach to make sure their website was on-brand and could compete at a high level with other businesses, and of course, we delivered!

Changing Lanes

When Bearmach came to us, they were already a well-established, multi-million pound company. They are one of the leading sellers of parts and accessories suitable for Land Rover vehicles and sold to suppliers both nationally and internationally. They were initially a B2B company, but they wanted to build on their success and have a online retail store to sell direct to customers.

Bearmach had a B2B website previously. An information hub about their products and services, and local stockists. The website was rich with information, however the layout and design was very dated and didn’t include any functionality to keep users engaged. As they were moving into B2C territory, we needed to change this and we agreed that Magento would be the perfect fit, giving Bearmach what they wanted in a new retail store.

Shifting to Simplicity

As Bearmach was a nationally recognized business, they wanted to keep everything on-brand but give everything a slight update to keep everything looking more modern.

Bearmach was switching from an information-based website to a online retail store, so we couldn’t just build upon what they already had. A B2B website is different to a B2C website so we had to start from scratch.

We first looked at the logo. Originally the Bearmach logo had a “Quality Assured” badge next to the text. These badges work in some cases as it helps give customers assurance, however next to the text, it looked clunky and messy. By removing the badge, we cleaned up the logo which now puts the focus solely on the logo and makes it stand out more on the website.

Next was designing the homepage. The old website was very dated, so we scrapped everything and started fresh. We widened the grid of the homepage, giving us more space to play with and introduced more CTAs and products. Using a grid format helped clean up the page, making it less noisy and easier to navigate.

We stuck to a similar colour palette of green and instead of a dark grey, we used a lighter grey. The lighter colour helped make the website seem more open.

Customer Focused

Bearmach were shifting from a B2B website to a B2C website. This meant when it came to the design we had to keep the customers at the forefront and make sure their user experience (UX) was seamless from start to finish.

We kept the header clean and used recognisable icons and a prominent search bar for customers to find. We also included a simple menu that is easy to navigate through and added CTAs under the menu to promote unique selling points of Bearmach, giving the customers a positive view of the company from the get-go.

Introducing a grid layout to the homepage was a great way to include both Bearmach’s vast product range as well as supporting content that detailed Bearmach’s dept of industry knowledge and expertise.

Responsive and SEO

As a new online retail store, we wanted to make sure the Bearmach website could compete with their competitors from launch and one of the main points we thought about was SEO.

Having an SEO friendly website is important as this will determine how well you rank in search engines such as Google and Bing.

We looked at making sure the website was responsive and worked well on mobile and tablet devices (Google penalises quite heavy to those who not have a mobile-friendly website!). We included all the standard mobile designs that were important for UX and SEO, including a simplified header with a burger menu, a visible site search function, horizontal scrolling lists and hidden filters to save space on product pages.

We made sure the CTAs were clear and large enough for users to click, reducing the need for pinch and zoom, and kept text light on the mobile site so not to overload the screen and keep it product-focused. We implemented click-to-call buttons for complex tasks.

Getting into Gear

One of our favourite parts of the project was working on the backend and integrating different functionalities to make sure the site was running smoothly.

First challenge was integrating the inventory management system. Bearmach had a bespoke in-house system for their products, stock and orders, so we had to seamlessly integrate this within Magento to allow for smooth import and export.

In addition to the custom in-house system, Bearmach had a large catalogue of products so we had to make sure the systems worked effortlessly when filtering and searching. We integrated advanced search algorithms for fast and precise searching, both on backend and frontend, facets for easy filtering of the products

Bearmach has a global stockist network and has a “Select 4 collect” service to allow customers to pick up from a local stockist. With the addition of this service, we developed custom functionality to allow different shipping methods, stockist entities and commission payments to stockist for these orders.

Finance was another one of the many handy services Bearmach wanted to offer their customers. We have worked with Barclays Finance in the past and suggested we use our custom Barclays Partner Finance integration. The integration works seamlessly within Magento, giving customers the best user experience, and it regularly communicates directly with BPF to gain updates, giving customers a better service.

Happy Client

"We have found Big Eye Deers the perfect partner in supporting Bearmach from initial concept phase through to project delivery. We have remained with the team after launch and they have offered us ongoing support and development to allow us to grow website sales."
Richard Taberner, Bearmach