It’s fair to say that the web design industry is expanding rapidly within the UK. As a Cardiff based agency we know how competitive the field is, take it from us; it’s extremely important that all agencies, freelancers even students trying to make it big from their bedrooms, stay abreast of the latest and emerging trends to give themselves the edge.

Here are our top 5 trends in web design you need to know about…

1. Responsive Web Design: This is not only popular but has become essential in web build- With the increase of smart phones and tablets, more and more sites will need to harness responsive web design in order to captivate ‘convenience shoppers’. Designers and developers are now creating fluid layouts instead of fixed layouts so that websites can be viewed across different platforms on screens of different sizes.

2. Circles: The fancy box effect is back! Designers can easily create circles with CSS3 without an image.  These archetypes can then be used for footer icons, navigation links and displaying portfolio works. Circles have become popular because they can easily draw the attention of vistors to a site. You can use them for specific areas and promotions.

3. Big Vector Art: Many web designers have become quite fond of vector-based illustrations and artwork, this can be seen across a number of small business websites.

4. Multi-Column Menus: Using too many links can make a website look congested and messy. Analysis of user behavior determines that they prefer to see the core links at the top of the page- Keep the important links in the header.

5. jQuery Animation: Websites with eye catching visual effects always draw traffic- Opt for jQuery as It increases the sites aesthetic appeal. Advances in CSS3 specifications and jQuery library have now enabled web designers to utilize unique effects to the websites they create.

By Steve

29 / 10 / 2012


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