For every creative, the search for a fulfilling career which enables you to express yourself and develop your skills can be challenging. Not every part of the marketing industry is going to be suited to your personality and can be restrictive to only one field of work.

But what if you could work for a company where you weren’t just a number and where one day was never the same? Hello! Welcome to the world of web design agencies…now, this might be a slightly biased article, but I will let the evidence speak for itself!

So, if you are ready to fall in love with work again, here are 6 reasons why agency life kicks ass.  

1. Variety is the spice of life

Like I mentioned before, a day is never the same in an agency, the environment is fast-paced and when your aim is to keep clients happy you can certainly find yourself working on multiple tasks at a time, for various different clients from a range of industries. So quick thinking and an understanding of your customer is key when there’s a sudden change of mind or emergency task that needs fixing.

But it’s all good if you thrive off of those situations, it takes a driven and multiskilled marketer to take on the agency world. But if your up for the challenge it can be exciting and rewarding!

2. Collaboration is motivation

Do you find it’s the middle of the afternoon and you haven’t really spoken to your co-workers for the best part of a few hours? Are their heads down and headphones in trying to complete their daily tasks? I always find that when you’re restricted to one job it can put constraints on your abilities and motivation as a creative. The beauty of working in an agency is that it’s an open space, you work collaboratively not alone. Being able to express yourself and share your thoughts and ideas enables creative freedom and productivity in the workplace.

3. PPD (Personal and Professional Development)

All industries should encourage PPD, it is a vital part of any career progression, however not all job roles can be pushed for development. In a job, you want to be challenged, praised and encouraged to dig deeper to develop your skillset. An agency role is bursting with all sorts of opportunity. In some cases, you can be in account management but dip into social media, back-end development, and even graphic design. You have many creatives at your disposal who have a fountain of knowledge for you to tap into. You develop skills you didn’t even know you had and become a professional who is completely adaptable to the marketing world.   

4. Hello social butterfly

Being a digital marketer in a company big or small is like being apart of a social club and what’s even better about this club is, all the members have the same interests and passions as you. In this case, mixing business with pleasure can be a positive for your company and for your career…you network, you learn and you enjoy what you do. Plus the socials are always good!

5. Finger on the pulse

In certain lines of work it is integral to know what’s going on in your industry and for marketing, it’s the bread and butter of any role. You NEED to be aware what’s going on around you in all areas, popular culture, news – local and global, advertising, design, fashion, tech everything! You need to be a sponge and absorb as much information as you can on a daily basis. This gives you clarity in understanding business in various forms and as an added bonus you get to have a nose on social media from time to time.

6. Reap the rewards

This is ultimately the most important part of any role within a marketing agency. Doing the work, doing it right and seeing it benefit the client. So you know, that all your hard work, possible meltdowns in between and an email thread as long as your arm was worth it. Whether your work has a physical outcome or its based on client appraisal, when those milestones are met, you all get that buzz from the satisfaction of a job well done.

Seeing the benefits of your work is a privilege and not one that everyone gets, so when you have it….it’s like finding gold dust!

So, now I’ve given you 6 awesome reasons why agency life is the only life and you decide to hand in your notice to your boss at the end of the week, I don’t want an influx of calls to BED asking for a job…because, unfortunately, we don’t have the room in our quaint little office for any more deers right now!   

By Gethin

Web Designer

02 / 08 / 2018


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