The importance of Facebook for companies has been lost a little with many people saying it is no longer a valuable use of time. We think that is debatable… there’s a lot of positives for both B2C and B2B companies and there are many opportunities to take advantage of. Take a look at just a handful of the reasons below…

Here’s the stats…

Facebook is the leading social media platform. The facts below show its sheer power, potential reach and opportunity for influence:

  • There are 20,000 people on Facebook every second
  • Around 79% of users are on mobile
  • An estimated 150,000 messages are sent every minute
  • On average, users spend 21 minutes on Facebook every day
  • There are 500,000 likes every minute
  • Of the Facebook demographic, 66% are 15-34 years old

Facebook & Google

Facebook is crawled by Google. All the pages, profiles and posts are scanned and registered by Google. This makes it a really important tool in SEO and getting your site ranking. Posts with higher engagement will be noticed by Google as valuable content and will give your page a boost!

Ensure your content and profile information is tidy and ready to be read by Google bots. Claiming a vanity username will also help when Google is connecting your social channel to your website and general identity.

Advertising to your audience…

Facebook advertising is well worth the time and money invested to get your brand in front of your potential audience. Usually you would think Facebook is B2B and informal only… but if your ads and posts are on Facebook and the audience settings have been optimised, it is very likely that your B2C targets will spot your information when browsing through the newsfeed of their own personal profile.

It is very likely that members of your audience will have a Facebook account, especially if they are within the 15-34 year old bracket. This makes Facebook a great platform to get your brand noticed by potential customers and clients alike!

We will cover the benefits of Facebook and how to optimise your company pages in later posts but hopefully this will get you thinking about starting up a page or revamping and optimising your current account!

By Steve

24 / 06 / 2016


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