#Susanalbumparty – A hashtag of pure genius!

Written by Steve on November 22, 2012

A round of applause to the PR team behind our beloved SuBo!!! Todays discovery of SuBo’s hashtag #susanalbumparty has caused mass mockery at the invite to a somewhat rude natured shindig, not the release of her new album like most people probably suspect was intended. The original tweet was quickly replaced with #susanboylesalbumparty (check out the original tweets).

Did it not occur to people that this is quite obviously a very very clever PR stunt?! Because of Twitter and this hashtag, EVERYBODY knows she has a new album out, its been discussed on numerous radio stations, been in national newspapers and discussed across a variety of websites (including this one!) for frickin’ FREE!

Hats off SuBo, your team are working it!