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It’s the vision of our partners that motivates us to push the boundaries of Magento services. And we were thrilled this week to have been given exclusive access to the latest Magento 3.0 features (small perks for being Magento certified developers.) If you are familiar with the Magento 2 platform, you’ll have experience with it’s vastly improved scalability and seamless user-experience. But what if you could scale that functionality to be 100x bigger. 

(Drum roll please) *Insert commentator voice* Introducing Magento 3.0, the most advanced eCommerce platform offering revolutionary technology to break the boundaries of UX. 

The latest beta release shared amongst the Magento community has been eye-opening, to say the least. The features revealed have been so astonishing you wouldn’t think were possible to build. But they have, we’ve seen it in action.    

So now we’ve given you that all-important build-up, it would only be fair to share with you one of our favourites. 

They call it Instant Collect Service. Imagine being able to review or test out a product instantly without having to make a purchase and wait for it to arrive. Like a sample service without the ordering process. Great for businesses wanting to buy in bulk, great for on the go shoppers and of course for those last-minute shoppers. 

Sounds great right? But you’re probably thinking, how is that possible? Here’s where we let the evidence do the talking.         

  1. Barber Blades - Instant Collect Service

Products can be found on Barber Blades. Video courtesy of Rum Barber.

Picked your jaw up off the floor yet? 

This type of feature is so beyond what we ever imagined for Magento 3.0 and this is just the beginning. Our initial thoughts, slightly daunted by the prospect but we’re itching with excitement at the possibilities it presents and for the future of eCommerce. 

Here at BED we like to push the boundaries of UX and this feature doesn’t only push the boundaries, it breaks them…like a bulldozer to a demolition site. So watch this space! You might see one or two Big Eye Deers websites in the future using instant collect service.         

And if you’re wondering, how on earth is this going to work? Don’t worry we’ll think about the logistics of it later…wish us luck!  

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By Gethin

Web Designer

18 / 07 / 2019


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