Instagram is a fantastic platform to be able to share square shaped images or short videos and spruce them up with a filter.

I personally love the platform as all the attention is on the imagery and the captions sit on the sideline. There’s little bumpf and it’s easy to scroll through quickly and engage with ‘Likes’ and comments. If you like a stream of pretty pictures, it’s the one.

For companies that have something creative to show off, it is a great platform to do that! B2B doesn’t really have its place on Instagram as businesses are very unlikely to use an image based platform to scout their potential partners, clients and competitors.

It has proven to work wonders for the B2C industry! It provides a platform for you to showcase your products, services and portfolio of work. Instagram is more to inspire the purchase/buy in than build relationships.

The Instagram Impact: Stat by Stat

Let’s go for the facts…

  • It currently has 300 million active monthly users (it is one of the fastest growing social media platforms!)
  • 30 billion photos shared
  • 70 million photos shared each day
  • 2015 = $595 million revenue from mobile ads
  • 85% of top brands have Instagram in their social strategy

Get Posting!

The engagement rate for top brands is 58 times higher for posts on Instagram than Facebook and 120 times higher than Twitter! Surely a trend that cannot be ignored…

Social media is becoming more and more visual and Instagram hits the nail on the head. Photos generate more engagement than videos and text posts (especially if they have a face!).

Posts that use hashtags even get 12.6% more engagement so do not overlook it! Unique hashtags also help users engage more with your brand by using it in their own posts to talk to you or about you.

More marketers are choosing to use the platform year on year as part of their strategy. If you think it may be the platform for you, it’s best to get started and start planning its integration in to your marketing schedule. It is continually growing in popularity so good to get on the bandwagon early and make your mark!

By Steve

13 / 01 / 2016


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