Modern users will often browse through many sites; looking at numerous products and have a really good search before they make their purchase. During this process, you need to grab their attention to help increase conversions.

One way to get the attention instantly and increase conversions is to instill a sense of urgency about making the purchase. If you have a fantastic deal and a limited time it will be available, the more likely the user will go for the impulse buy. The item seems to increase in value as the user feels they may be missing out and regret not being decisive.

Limited stock!

If your product page states that there are only a limited number of items remaining (think Amazon style) then this will  speed up the purchase process. Fewer items also suggest that the product is pretty popular and selling out fast because of high demand.

Offer ends by midnight!

Promoting the limited time remaining on the offer will push the user into making a decision before the time is up. How many emails do you get with flash offers that make you instantly go onto their site in fear of missing out?

Personal Deals

Customer specific offers are even more enticing! A personal offer and discount that no one else has? That is massively tempting. Think of the bragging points over friends that have bought from the same place for more money?

Product Deals

Offering deals on the products that your competitors do not have is a pretty obvious selling point. Add another expiry date to the offer for urgency to go with the selling point.

Delivery Offers

Limited time on delivery offers is even more pushy to get the sale (in a good way). An extra service offer that allows the user to have cheaper and quick delivery… if they buy TODAY… will persuade the user to make you their top choice straight away!
These are all great tactics to offer the user a great deal they just can’t refuse! Although, you need to remember not to overdo it as the user will soon realise they can return to your site anytime for the same deal, removing the urgency aspect. Think of the sort of stores you see on the high street with a ‘Closing Down Sale!’ that then never close down…

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By Steve

19 / 05 / 2016


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