Many eCommerce site owners are showing an inclination in moving to handheld platforms permanently. The engagement rate is high among the traffic that smart devices bring. The leads also get converted to sales very easily because swiping up and down is more intuitive than clicking or scrolling.

However, this inclination poses some challenges to Magento developers. If you are losing us here, then here’s the explanation as to why the Magento platform might have to bear the brunt of the stick, only because the eCommerce sites are upgrading themselves.

New eCommerce Trends in Behaviour

The handheld platform has given birth to some brand new trends, which include:

  • the emergence of social commerce
  • the rising importance of data and analytics

You may face difficulty linking social commerce to mobile devices, but there’s a link between them. To understand that link, you need to keep in mind, at times, the most insignificant of details turn out to be the real game changers.

In this case, the apparently insignificant detail is mobile users spend more time accessing the web than their desktop twins because they can access the web on-the-go. That amounts to more engagement and more networking, both of which are factors behind the social commerce seeing a sharp increase in popularity.

As for data and analytics, developers are introducing new apps every day to customise the mobile web surfing experience. These apps are released by companies of different sizes and scales. They not only promote the company but also fetch information about customer behaviour.

Can Magento Handle This?

Online marketers are relentlessly developing strategies so that a Magento platform can support the latest eCommerce techniques and strategies. The problem is the strategies are not always applicable. For example, you may decide to implement a new feature on the site and end up realising the existing shopping cart won’t allow that.

Magento has many strength areas. It is tailor made to build eCommerce platforms. Among many editions offered by Magento, one is the community edition that’s custom designed for the merchants. The biggest strength areas are responsive web design (which comes as default,), availability of third party themes, social media integration and superior reporting.

To keep pace with the rising mobile trends, Magento needs to keep pace with localisation and social networking. It’s good news to Magento developers as well as to online merchants that mobile compatible configuration is pretty easy on Magento. Hence, when Smartphone and Tablet users visit Magento sites, thanks to responsive design, they don’t have any problem viewing the content or surfing through the navigation elements.

Magento Can Meet the Challenge!

Magento is all set to meet the challenges that are in front of it. Having said that, the site configurations and following the updates require the involvement of efficient Magento developers, unless experienced and skilled developers take up the Magento development work, overcoming the said challenges might be a bit difficult. (Talk to BED!)

Moving to Magento

A merchant might wonder whether moving to Magento would be a good idea. Well, migrating to a different CMS is not a bad idea if you want a host of custom functionalities so you could manage your business better.

Suppose you have a Drupal built eCommerce site and you want to migrate to Magento because it is a CMS, dedicated only for eCommerce sites.

Easy-peasy! You can transfer the databases independently, the only problem is the process will take time and require a person with technical skills. Some merchants hire a programmer and rely on them for data transfer. It undoubtedly helps but the only problem with it all is that it’s a financially lofty proposition.

For automated migration, merchants depend on third party services. Using such services saves them from spending money or time on programming and installing software. Using the service like a pro is all that it takes and the demo videos could render best help to the merchants in their effort to learn how to use the service.

To Conclude…

We can say that Magento is more than equipped to handle the challenges of evolving eCommerce. Nevertheless, Magento developers need to be creative and have foresight, so they could speculate the upcoming changes and work towards implementing the compatibility in the platform to accommodate those changes. At BED HQ we ensure we are clued up on all the current trends and everything set to hit the eCommerce world so our clients’ sites are up to scratch  keeping users satisfied!

By Steve

28 / 04 / 2015


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