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We worked with MyFenix to raise the bar with their website to give them a new modern feel.

It was important to focus on a mobile responsive site as well as improving their brand awareness as the UK distributor of Fenix Torches.

With a full migration onto Aero Commerce, including some customisation to give customers personalisation options on products we’ve provided a faster, slicker user experience with a goal to ensure they’re up to speed and above their competition.


  • Design & UX
  • Aero Store Development
  • Customisation
aero ecommerce website build

The Background

Fenixlight Limited was formed in 2001 by a group of enthusiastic young engineers with the intention of improving upon the lighting products available to them at the time. The Fenix name means “a living bird, a perfect thing” and since producing their first product on the 3rd of September 2001, Fenix has always strived to achieve perfection.
They strive to supply the best quality torches, headlamps, lanterns, bike lights, batteries, chargers and accessories. From use in mountain rescue to military, sports, Industrial and personal use

The Brief

To migrate the MyFenix Magento 1 site onto Aero Commerce to focus on a faster, slicker site that is mobile friendly. To provide customisation on the Aero Commerce site giving customers the ability to customise products. To focus on increasing brand awareness whilst improving online presence with a modern, and mobile responsive website.


  • Migration from Magento 1 to Aero Commerce
  • A new site that is mobile friendly as well as modern
  • Stand out from the competition online Increase online exposure through natural and paid listings.

The Approach

Using Aero Commerce we’ve developed a brand new site that focuses on maximising speed and increasing organic SEO rankings. We have customised the new site to allow the MyFenix branding to be prominent on the site as well as increase conversions for them.

Using a set of tools provided to us by Aerocommerce, we adapted and extended them to extract the products, media, customers and orders from Magento 1.9 stores and produce an Aero Commerce-compatible CSV import file for products and categories, and a simple set of SQL queries to add customers and addresses.

With this approach, we were able to iterate on the site and reimport at will so adjustments and changes to the site structure or behaviour were available for local development and staging environments.

aero commerce mobile responsive

Design + UX

With My Fenix, We looked to create a site that would promote and emphasise the imagery of the torches, whether it was a close up detailed product shot or the product in use out in the field, we wanted ample opportunity to show them off as they were high-quality images so we went about creating large image block areas; particularly on the home page, this also coincided with our idea of having category blocks displayed towards the top of the page for quick engagement into the user journey.

website design cardiff
aero ecommerce
aero ecommerce custom build aero commerce development

Aero Commerce customisation with engraving highlight

- Aero Commerce provides an extensible eCommerce platform, so the requirement to add optional custom engraving to products with an additional charge at checkout was added seamlessly to the product page, cart system and checkout. The module is bundled into a composer package to provide the functionality as an add-on.

- The feature can be enabled by adding a simple attribute to the qualifying products which is then detected during the add to cart step and ensures that any customised product is added as a separate line item with the engraving information clearly displayed for both MyFenix and the customer.

- Combined with Aerocommerce’s theming system we were able to straightforwardly modify the product page to accommodate the new input, working with the page’s Vue components.

"Big Eye Deers advised us that the Aero platform would be most suitable for our new site and we worked with them to create a design and customer experience to move our brand to the next level. Our new site is responsive, ultra fast and looks great. We couldn't be happier with the end result!"

Rob Blazen Managing Director


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