If you have a product or service and taut your wares online, it goes without saying that you most likely have an identity; a brand that sets your stuff apart from your competitors stuff. If you don’t, turn back now, you’re doing it all wrong!


Branding needs to synonymous with the message of the product/service. Take Nike -Just Do It, for example. The message and visuals of Nike gel together and work well to sell its products and inspire people to get active. Brands need to resonate with their audience in such a way that will evoke a certain feeling or action, and there is a fine line between hitting the nail on the head and getting it horribly horribly wrong.

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Getting the right balance of logo and strap line (if there is one) is important. ‘Make it more branded’, I recall one client asking- try and interpret that one? From a design perspective-most agencies and even large corps with in-house teams, have lots of considerations when they undertake branding work- imagery, logos, tone and slogans aren’t just plucked out of the sky. Each component and every tiny detail is thought out with the utmost care and attention- making something ‘more branded’ isn’t even a valid instruction. So there.


Brands that have the ability to stand the test of time are ones that have the freedom to constantly evolve; are extremely accessible and are easily adaptable to trends in functionality and UX. Not a tall order really is it? But if you want your brand to last, these are definitely boxes to tick off! One future-proofed brand that we are loving at the moment is ITV. We like the way the colours of the logo can change depending on what background it sits against. What other brands can change their corporate imagery so frequently yet retain their identity? It’s fantastic, and sure to be viable for many years.



Have a look here for what BED can do to help you create a brand for your start-up, or give your current brand a boost! While you are at it, check our our previous case studies here to see how we have helped other businesses boost their brands and presence.

f you do have any questions for us about your current site or an upcoming project, feel free to get in touch and we would be more than happy to help out! Head to our contact page for the details to get in touch with the team in either our Cardiff or Cornwall offices!

By Gethin

Web Designer

25 / 06 / 2014


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