Heinnie Haynes are specialists in collectors knives, and all things adventure –  We were lucky enough to have been a big part in their sites re-design and development, and since have had the pleasure of looking after the sites upkeep.

As part of our remit we look to continually improve a site in order to attract more users, keep users on site for longer and ultimately turn them into repeat customers.

One of our most recent suggestions was to give the Heinnie blog area more of a consumer focus. Blogs can work well to be the driver of traffic to a site, but it was lacking the hook that could keep users engaged on the page, let alone get them excited to spend some money. The blog has been live just over a week now so we’re expecting a big shift in hits, bounce rate and level of engagement going forward.

We suggested giving the blog a ‘homepage’ feel that would work to encourage a bit more intrigue and make people want to read the Heinnie posts. We called the Blog ‘Inside Heinnie’, to give it more of a behind the scenes feel too :-)

We wanted to give each category its own area, this way we could automatically attract certain users to certain areas of
interest to them, rather than expecting them to trawl through a list of pages to find something relevant.

Here’s how it’s looking now… iMac-hh-blog 02-iPad-Air-Landscape-hh-blog


By Steve

14 / 11 / 2014


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