Once again, Big Eye Deers helps Placebo go one step further in reaching their fans across the globe. The band’s website now boasts an interactive ‘Gigs’ page, which enables fans to not only buy tickets for each show, but allows them to pinpoint the venue’s location on a Google Maps driven application, managed by an easy to use CMS.


And it gets better – a complete history of Placebo gigs can be found on the ‘Gigs Archive’ page, with the option for fans to leave comments and upload photos (a la Flickr) for each show. All the fan-submitted content is moderated by the Placeboworld team.  Using a combination of Google Maps, jQuery and Big Eye Deers own CMS system, we’ve delivered an easy to use and immersive experience that gives fans an opportunity to interact with and relive the live Placebo experience.


It’s just another way that Big Eye Deers and Placebo are building a strong community around the band by ensuring their fans enjoy a more rewarding and interactive online experience.

Check it out for yourself here:

By Steve

22 / 10 / 2009


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