In agency life,  juggling numerous tasks at one time is pretty normal. Organising those tasks, however, can be difficult so finding the right project management system that fits the needs of your company is very important.

Using a project management system can be a vital tool in providing a solution to project management and planning, time management, collaboration, resourcing, archiving and many other daily activities which are carried out by your team, all in one place. Choosing the right management system can be a case of trial and error to find the right fit, luckily, there is a multitude of feasible software available that all offer great company benefits.

Benefits of Project Management Software


Being able to monitor work progress is crucial in the success of any business. Having a system in place which enables you to schedule work, set deadlines and keep a log of project updates will mean work is completed efficiently and on time, programmes like Teamwork allow you to do this with ease.


In an agency environment, our way of working is collaborative. Collaboration in-house but also collaboration with our clients. Using a project management platform allows employees to collaborate by being able to create open discussion and share work.


Communication is also a key factor in success. Being able to communicate effectively with your clients using one platform is extremely important in the running of a project. Gone are the days of endless scrolling through email threads to find an old conversation or misplaced file, with a project management system, it’s all incorporated into one easy to use platform.

Budget and time management

Budgeting and time management are one of the most important parts of monitoring a project. Being able to have a place where you can set budgets based on hours discussed between you and your client is crucial in outlining the speed and priority of a task or project. Alongside that, being able to extract data and keep your clients updated is also important, software like Harvest offer all of these benefits. It enables your team to log their time day to day, track hours, estimate for new work and invoice for completed projects. Harvest also allows you to set up a client directory, so you can find contact information quickly and efficiently. This eliminates possible back and forth between clients when you are working to a deadline.

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is the main outcome of any project. A quality project that is completed on time and on budget, is a good indication that you will see that client again. Using a project management software to build relationships throughout the project process will give clients that reassurance to continue that relationship for years to come. By applying your company skillset to a programme like Teamwork, it will allow you to strategise your projects with focus, industry knowledge and with great organisation, ensuring you achieve your goals and continue to make improvements on your deliverables.

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By Gethin

Web Designer

02 / 11 / 2018


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