With the rise of smart phones and tablets, e-commerce rates are increasing at such a level that businesses need to adapt the way they sell in order to meet demand. People love convenience, and if that means buying whilst sat on a Cardiff Bus, train or the toilet, they will!

Handheld devices have made ‘one click’ shopping advantageous to e-commerce sites, it is now a requirement for them to be highly functional as well as user friendly, and advanced platforms such as Magento help create this type of UX. As an open source software, opting for Magento has several advantages; It is cost effective, offers multilingual and multi-store support, better conversion rates and increased traffic, it’s a no-brainer.

Take a look at these Magento features to find out why the platform is the fastest growing in the industry and our e-commerce software of choice…

1. Marketing Tools and Promotions

Magento designs give the site owner the freedom to create and manage different promotional campaigns easily. Whether this is BOGOF on selected items or 10% off on all ranges, Magento has specific promotional tools to help you encourage sales and action your campaigns. This often results in increased conversion rates and heightened UX.

2. Search Engine Optimisation

One of the best things about a website designed by Magento is that its URL structure is extremely search engine friendly. The SEO tools can help you generate XML sitemaps for search engines aiding the sites searchability. Magento also comes with a URL rewrite tool, which can help you structure the URL of certain product pages, again aiding searchability. The SEO tools also take control over the Meta information of the website at various levels. As a business

3. Reporting and Analytics

Magento comes with a reporting suite that allows you to view the performance of your website. You can make changes to the layout/content as required by your customers and it also allows you to integrate the site with Website Optimisers and Google Analytics. This all helps to determine the performance of the site.

4. Site Management

One of the major advantages of Magento web design is that it offers an uncomplicated user interface that helps you to manage the site conveniently. It ensures that you can handle several online stores with just a single administrational panel. The up-grade process that Magento offers is also very handy, it allows you to easily upgrade to new version of Magento whenever needed.

 5. Product Browsing

Magento offers elaborate product browsing options, its flexible merchandising engine allows you to develop a product catalogue with ease.

6. Catalogue Browsing

The display pages for categories and products contain many customisable options, these help users to have maximum control over their searches, making it easy for them to filter the products according to want they want to find.  

7. Bespoke Web Design

Having worked on many Cardiff web design projects, we know that it’s important that websites are all given the due attention they deserve, obviously, but the Magento suite lets you dictate the design, template and layout of any web design project rather than dictate styles and demand the use of a standard template.

With so many advantages, it is quite obvious why we champion Magento in Cardiff, and more and more designers and developers are opting to use this software worldwide when it comes to creating an e-commerce website. If your having an e-commerce store built and its not being made with Magento, firstly have a word, but secondly ensure that the software that you are using gives you the same perks that Magento would and come and talk to us next time!

By Steve

11 / 07 / 2013


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